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Custom Astra Militarum Army

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Custom Astra Militarum Army

Postby WhiteWeaselStudio » Tue Feb 23, 2021 11:51 am

Always loyal to the Emperor, the Astra Militarum is always willing to deliver the best result ... or die trying!! We hope you guys are well and you keep fighting Nurgle nowadays!

The commission of today is a very nice Astra Militarum army which has plenty of Imperial Guards platoons with custom heads with berets to match the scions units. A really good idea from our customer to make his army unique along with a very personal scheme of colors. Our operatives love these sort of tailor-made and challenging commissions! Painting standards chosen: Imperial Guards and Scions 2/5 "Lieutenant" while vehicles and characters 3/5 "Captain".

If you notice, our customer wanted two different factions within his army, having the Scions and Taurox painted in a more black/grey-ish combination while the turquoise is mostly used for Imperial Guard units and tanks. The red elements and the arid bases create a nice contrast against the white and turquoise general scheme while they provide a consistent look between all models.

Which is your favourite Imperial Guard regiment, people? All your comments are welcome!

Full gallery here:
https://www.whiteweaselstudio.com/en/po ... my-scions/

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