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Legio Fureans and Legio Oberon (Adeptus Titanicus)

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Legio Fureans and Legio Oberon (Adeptus Titanicus)

Postby WhiteWeaselStudio » Fri Nov 13, 2020 10:55 am

Hi folks!

Warhammer 40K is back again at our studio but with different scale this time. The project of
this week is a nice collection of Adeptus Titanicus models composed of several titans and
beloging to two different legios: the legio Fureans and the Legio Oberon.

These models require more work than it could seem at first sight. Apart of the work on the
armor plates applied with airbrush to create these progresive transitions, we have used several stencils and masking putty in order to represent the geometric patterns that these legions use to wear. Also notice that each weapon has a different OSL effect depending on the ammunition shot or if they are overheating. The eyes of the Titans have been also highlighted with a glowing effect which enhance the models ever more. Finally Many decals have been applied in order to represent more accurately each house.

We hope you like these Titans because our level 3/5 “Captain” suits them pretty well. And
what about you? Which is your favourite Adeptus Titanicus Legion?


Full gallery here:
https://www.whiteweaselstudio.com/en/po ... n-adeptus-
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