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Painting Swords, any tutorials?

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Painting Swords, any tutorials?

Postby mortiferum » Thu Feb 03, 2011 3:27 pm

How do people paint there swords? My usual method is to paint them boltgun metal, black wash, edge hightlight with boltgun metal and then if I can be bothered further edge hight light with chainmail silver, job done.

Lately, however I feel that the above method is a little too simplistic and the effects are rather flat and can let down the otherwise relatively better painted model. Sometimes the sword on a model is the only piece that is painted metallic and I find that the 'shiny' sword detracts from the rest of the model.

I find myself researching NMM and SENMM methods and whilst I understand the concept to degree I find that I can't apply it on more complex shaped or different positioned weapons than shown in the verious tutorials.

Heres one totorial I came across just now (see link below) I'm fairly happy with how to go about reproducing this on a sword held horizontally as in the tutorial but what if the sword is held aloft vertically or at an angle - I suspect that I don't paint the sword in the same way?

http://quazen.com/arts/visual-arts/pain ... lic-metal/

Anyone have more totorials / examples that I might be able to follow?
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