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Salamanders Successor Chapter “Sons of Vulkan”

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Salamanders Successor Chapter “Sons of Vulkan”

Postby WhiteWeaselStudio » Fri Jul 03, 2020 11:34 am

Hi folks,

We love painting your Warhammer 40K armies so believe when I say that we have really enjoyed doing the one we bring you today.

Our customer had in mind a custom chapter, a scheme based on the Salamanders but something slightly different, especially on the vehicles. So we removed all Salamanders and flames icons and swapped them for a mythological fire breathing beast: a chinese dragon will be the perfect chapter sign. We designed some custom transfer sheets which later will be applied on all shoulder pads and vehicles. Yet we still had to decide what to do with the tanks. Rather than using the same scheme, our customer purposed the idea of applying a darker green, pretty close to the Dark Angels base color. We made a test and bingo! The combination was perfect to separate infantry and characters from the support heavy mechanized units.

Finally, the basing theme took awhile but a dark grey earth along with some brown rocks and green grass was the perfect match to enhance the models.

The result: this showy Salamanders successor chapter, the Sons of Vulkan!!


Full gallery here: https://www.whiteweaselstudio.com/en/po ... r-chapter/

Hope you like the army and any comment is always welcome!
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