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Waugh Paint Review

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Waugh Paint Review

Postby Talus » Mon Dec 16, 2013 7:55 pm

While at Smoggycon this year, i picked up some paints from Waugh Games, a local guy who's just started his own range

He asked me to do a review for them, so here it is.

(its also worth mentioning, that this is my first Warjack, purchased from Waugh Games)

So to start off, we have a black primed Warjack

I figure, what better way to get a real measure of a paint than to see how it reacts to a flat black!

so i started simple, using Imperial Blue, Iron Grey and Forged Bronze as base colours.
Since this is my first real attempt to paint a model with them, i was absolutely suprised how well they covered with a single layer, though for the gold, you're better off with two thinner layers (i don't mean thin it, i just mean put it on thin, helps build a stable colour)

next, i went about setting up the top layers, so i decided to give mixing the paints a try, see how well they react to that!
i started with a 50/50 mix of imperial blue and pale blue with a dash of white to add more colour to it, came out with something rather close to ultramarine blue! so i promptly added more imperial to darken it again.
this mix covered the imperial base colour with absolutely no problems, went on nice and smooth, with just a single coat, from my experience that in itself is a miracle
using the as yet un-named lighter silver, i picked out detailing around the shoulders, fingers and blade, then started on the individual rivets (please note, i actually cut most of them off, hate the things!), again this covered quite nicely and didnt need a second coat

now, i went for detailing, picking out the eyes in red, along with cables on the rear of the shield and a gem (im saying gem, for all i know its another rivet) on the front of the shield, a nice clean red, similar to blood red, but easier to apply

the... i want to say shield generator? i really have no idea what it is, the little thing that sits between the shoulders (the L.T.T.S.B.T.S from now on ;) ) got itself a splash of Tsarist Purple, a relatively thin colour, but again one that had no problem covering black, and is a few shades lighter than hormagaunt.

even the ivory on the spear haft went on with one coat! please note, that im doing this over a black base colour, unless it was a thick foundation layer i've never known a bone shade go on in one coat unless it was a spray can

now i go for final assembly (i say final, but the arms are just pinned on, as is the shield, see below for why)


a few notes here

first, my apologies for missing some details, i didnt notice them untill after i'd taken the pictures

second, as most people tend to expect from me, i wash everything i do in one way or another, yet there isn't a single one on this model (except the base, but that isnt up for review), the reason for this is Waugh is bringing out a line of washes in the near(tm) future, and has asked me to test out his black one, so i figure i might as well use this model, see how well it finishes it off (will update this post once thats done)

so for those who just want the essentials on what i think of the paint, here you go

majority of the paints go on perfectly first time, though i would recommend with the white and gold to use two thinner coats, this is just to give it a firmer shade (and prevent the undercoat showing), both are still a vast improvement over the others i currently use.
they mix well, adding in black or white gives the desired effect, when adding white to imperial i came to something pretty close to ice blue, which i consider impressive.

i can't yet comment on their airbrush compatibility, but Waugh himself states that if you mix it 50/50 with water, it can be used no problem

while the range may seem limited in comparison to GW's (but tell me, who can match over a hundred shades?), you can achieve the desired colour by mixing in as much or as little black or white (or whichever you want) as you need,

so the overall here, is that im impressed with what they can do, between the mixing and the coverage, i can seriously see these becoming my paint of choice

and at £1.95 with a bigger bottle than the leading competitor, what's not to love?

(im also painfully aware that this turned as much into a paint blog of a warjack as it did a review of the paint, i do apologise)
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Re: Waugh Paint Review

Postby KInG » Mon Dec 16, 2013 8:06 pm

It's the mixing that puts me off unfortunately. When painting a few models it won't be an issue, but trying to keep the same shade over a whole 100 plus army, and their matching vehicles could turn out horrible. :(
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Re: Waugh Paint Review

Postby Cain Tiberius » Mon Dec 16, 2013 11:37 pm

I'm looking forward to trying them. But like Nige, mixing colour is not really an option for me while painting whole armies. I am aware however, that he's expanding the range. So I've got high hopes for them.
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Re: Waugh Paint Review

Postby skywalker » Tue Dec 17, 2013 12:14 pm

I have tried only two of the range. I can't remember the exact names but one was the Ivory which went on well and I thought was a great colour. The other was a flesh pink which came out looking far too orange for my taste.
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Re: Waugh Paint Review

Postby hunter101 » Wed Dec 18, 2013 4:44 pm

Interesting choice of company name. Very close to my http://Waaaghpaint.webs.com Saying that Its a little neglected these days.

Paint mixing is funny territory.
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