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Legio Fureans and Legio Oberon (Adeptus Titanicus)

Hi folks!

Warhammer 40K is back again at our studio but with different scale this time. The project of
this week is a nice collection of Adeptus Titanicus models composed of several titans...

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Blood angels army (Forge World)

Hi, everyone!

Oh sweet Lord. The project that we want to share this week is one of these you really enjoy because there are many miniatures that you know are likely you won’t paint again in your...

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Warhammer 40K Indomitus boxed set (Sons of Vulkan vs Novokh)

How are you doing guys?

We keep struggling Nurgle that is hitting our country hard with his last disease: the covid-19. And there is no better cure than focusing your mind in painting. Several Indomitus...

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Will you escape the Infested Swamp? - Diorama fantasy

"Hello adventurer, are you lost? Don't worry, I can help you finding your way. Follow this path through the swamp and once you passed the abandonned hut, you'll be safe.
... But adventurer,...

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Warhammer 40K app

Has anyone downloaded it? And more importantly, has anyone subscribed?

It’s it worth it is what I really want to know. I’ve also seen a rumour it’s going to allow you to make Army lists...

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