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Anyone bought into the re-release? We've been enjoying it so far :)

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WHW Space Marine Command Tanks


Any lurkers living near WHW, able to do me a favor and pick up a Set of the Command Tanks?

Won’t be able to travel back to UK for a while, will pay for item and postage!


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Warhammer 40k 9th Ed...who’s in?

Hi all,

I still cruise forums as the discussions are better than FB (which ruined forums, as convos and info aren’t retained). No need to post images, but who’s grabbing 9th? Thoughts on the...

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Gloomspite Gizt army

Hi folks,

We are working from our facilities again which has allowed us to complete our very last commission: a huge Gloomspite Gizt army containing many different troops. It has been painted at...

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Adepta Sororitas massive army

Hi folks!

We keep fighting against the virus (and Nurgle) with fire and faith, as these Sisters of Battle will do in the battlefield once they are delivered to our customer. Yes! Our last project is...

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