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Death Korps of Krieg

Finally picked up paints to get started on my Death Korps army that has been sitting in boxes for years.

I decided to dig out a Firing infantry squad, and use them as a test for my paint scheme....

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My first new figures in almost 10 years

Just got my first new figures in 10 years from https://www.gamingfigures.com .


I've always liked the look of the AdMech but there were very few figures back then, just the Techpriest Enginseer for the IG, and a few older figures....

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8th Ed One Pager Walkthough Reference

Something some of the guys on reddit are working on:

https://reddit.app.link/?channel=xpromo ... =treatment...

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Hachette Weekly Warhammer 40k Magazine inc models and scener

Hey all,

So Hachette are doing what Agostini did for Lord of the Rings.

Go see www.warhammer40000conquest.com for the weekly release. You will end up with a Space Marine Army, Death Guard...

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Forge World Gorgon Armoured Assault Transport

It's been 7 years since I boxed all my 40k collection up in the attic, but this week I pulled out the Forge World Gorgon transport kit to put together. I bought this from a site member, and local club...

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Battle of Pelennor Fields Box Set - Back in stock

I have a few of the Pelennor Fields box sets just landed back in stock.

Kill Team Commanders - 20% discount on pre orders


Fallout: Wasteland Warfare 2 Player Set - Now back in stock.

Box set also includes the limited edition Alien Zetan figure.

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