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Tzaangors with 40K upgrades & Shaman for sale

Got a bunch of Tzaangors with upgrades and a Shaman for sale on eBay.

https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203561356525 ... media=COPY...

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Can You consolidate straight into another combat?

Hi all,

Had a gaming day yesterday, (Saturday), and a situation arose in a game between two of my my friends where a Skorpekh Lord charged into a trio of characters.

Now initially the Lord...

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3d printing - damn I'm hooked

1, 2, 3

So 2 weeks back a friend brought his Elegoo Mars 2 Pro printer over as it wouldn't calibrate. I guess in the car whatever was jamming it up loosened, as it calibrated fine first time as my house. So he...

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Vehicles and shooting

Hi everyone,

Another rules question.

How many weapons can a vehicle shoot with in the shooting phase?

If I have a Predator with side sponsons. Can I shoot all weapons, or do I have...

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Dark Angels and Plasma weapons

Hi All,

So I was playing a game at my local Warhammer. The manager advised that my DA had a special rule meaning they didn’t suffer the mortal wound penalty for rolling one’s when firing over...

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