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[Kickstarter] Steepled Hat Studio's Iron Age Farmstead

Just sending out the news that Steepled Hat Studios released a 28mm Iron Age
Farmstead. There's only 11 days left on it and is currently on Kickstarter and is looking for funding.

If you're interested...

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Destiny 2 PC

Anyone here playing Destiny 2 on PC? Grabbed it while it is free for the base game, got a Hunter up power level 261 in a few days, it's good fun but I'm not sure I want to drop £40 on the expansions...

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Star Wars Legion AT-ST Walker

My son bought be a Star Wars Legion AT-ST and a box of biker scouts for my birthday, couldn't help but put the AT-ST together last night. These FFG kits are great, no sprues, no mould lines to clean up,...

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Chaos Warhound Finally Getting Painted...

Trying to motivate myself to paint up my Chaos Warhound. Bought it direct from FW many years ago, Titan no 160. It only ever had a black undercoat and a bit of drybrush with silver, brass and white to...

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Knight Preceptor Canis Rex with all weapon options

Started putting Canis Rex this weekend. It's just about ready for the start of painting, I've left all of the leg armour plates off and a few other parts to make painting a little easier, so it's looks...
All weapon options laid out
Knight Preceptor Canis Rex
Knight Preceptor
Knight Crusader
Knight Warden
Knight Paladin
Knight Errant
Knight Gallant

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