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Piety & Pain Drukhari Now Sold

Hi all.

I’m selling the Drukhari portion of the Piety & Pain boxset.
So that’s,

No instructions. But if you need them I can photograph...

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Warhammer Imperium. Who’s going to collect it?

So I see there’s going to be a new weekly part works from Hatchette and GW.

80 parts. Loads of Necrons on the zeros side. Primaries, Ad Mech and Sisters for the Imperium of Man. Plus the usual...

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Custom Astra Militarum Army

Always loyal to the Emperor, the Astra Militarum is always willing to deliver the best result ... or die trying!! We hope you guys are well and you keep fighting Nurgle nowadays!

The commission...

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My Star Wars Man Cave / home office

With working from home most of the time now, decided to turn the spare room into a home office. Good excuse to finally get my favourite items from my Star Wars collection or of the attic too :)

Spent a...

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Adeptus Mechanicus Army

Hey guys! We come back with a very interesting new commission we have been working on in the past months.

The Adeptus Mechanicus has detected a very strange signal in the systems nearby. Following...

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Marvel Crisis Protocol - Deadpool, Luke Cage , Cable and more - 20% Discount on pre orders


Blood Bowl, Underworlds and Titanicus - 20% Discount on pre orders

We are re-opening Monday 12th April

Gaming Figures retail shop will be re-opening to the public at 9am on Monday 12th April.

We politely ask all customers to still follow social distancing guidelines and wear a face mask whilst in store (unless exempt due to a medical condition).

The store will be opening from 9am on a Saturday again from the 17th April. 

Gaming tables will NOT be available for use at this time. 

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