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Star Wars Merr Sonn Power 5 Blaster Replica

I've been looking at making a Merr Sonn Power 5 replica to go with my TIE pilot helmet on display for a while, but finding 3D models of the parts has proved nigh on impossible. There are parts on Shapeways...
Resin cast blaster and greeblies to fit
Close up of flash hider bubble
T-track slot cut out
Flash hider bubble cleaned out
Flash hider filled with milliput
Masking tape with holes to be drilled
Rough filling of smaller bubbles across top of receiver
Holes drilled out
Resin parts sanded, cleaned, and washed
Skin of bubble on T-track

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Necromunda Goliaths and House Escher

Trying some different colours on these took some working out as they where very muted military tones. Normally working from bright colours and having to darken and mute them my self made working with...

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Roboute Guilliman

My latest edition to my own armies. I had to have him in my collection but I also had to make him fit in better with my Blood Angels.


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2018 project log for everyone

Another year, another big log for everyone - everyone who is left that is! Get you're friends posting in the forum!
I've been very lax on the model front for about 3 months. I've finally got some...

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WN8 Rating Changes

While trying to determine why the WN8 value on my account was different on the Age of Strife stats page ( wot/stats.php ) and sigs to those shown on Wotlabs.net and XVM I stumbled across the expected WN8 JSON data...

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This Saturday is Gangs of Rome Day In Store

Don't forget folks that this Saturday is Gangs of Rome day.  We have Steve from "War Banner" in store.

There will be several tables set up for Gangs of Rome so pop along between 11am and 4pm for a game.

More details ...

NAM 1965 - 1972 - Now available to advance order

As well as the main rulebook, there are also 3 army deals and 4 boxes of unit cards being released. 

All the other NAM products are only available direct from Battlefront Miniatures NAM website.  And don't contain the unit cards.

More details ...

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