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Someone elses project log (latest WD demons vs guard batrep)

PostPosted: Thu Jun 12, 2008 10:10 am
by killmaimburn
I generally find project logs live only so long as the ego has fuel to burn so we'll see what happens with this one (i've already said that I'm possibly the worst painter here many many times) Self depreciating egotism is a bit of schism so we’ll see if its got legs.(fortunately what I lack in painting skills I make up for in new camera and atmospherics and BS :lol: )

INDEX From everywhere else on the site..
My definition of Age of Strife
A story batrep
A small CP batrep
A recent one
First AoS meetup (summer 08) batreps(members only)
Second AOS meetup (spring 09) pics Here
3rd (with the friendly tourney) here
Our combined efforts at GT heat 3 '09 here
Spring 2010 Pics here
Summer2010 (which I didn't go to)
Spring 2011 meetup
November 2011 I win amini tourney with bloodhammer
Spring 2012 tourney batrep with RWI KMB feat sternhammer
Autumn 2012 meet/playing 6th ed chaos codex batreps+ a few around p14 of this

A few old Army lists LATD 4thed khorne DIY lists Stealers new orks-(members only) new smurf ideas
I nearly got a medal but failed down to everyone else being better, AOS community awards :lol:

Compilation and indexs of 6th ed batreps
The bump thread of nonsense
Escalation campaign
Stuff to trade
WIP background
Navigating this rather old and crusty thread blog
p1 my lair/gaming at mine,
Models-scratched oblit, dreadnought, wounded termie chaplin,skulltaker/lord of khorne,Fists,LATD failures, defiler, fabius bile redeemed
Army pics: tzeentch, nids,smurfs from 06
Discussions on Statues and meetup.

p2 Scratchbuilt damocles
Kids generally
Story "leadership test".
Models- techmarine on bike with conversion beamer

Models- scratch blue scribes.More techmarine on bike, flamers of tzeentch,plague monks,start of scratch built Tallyman.Heavy bolter heavy bolted, scratch built crate big bomms.

p4 general paint scheme for all smurfs..
Models- landraider, tallyman cont.scratch Baneblade constructed,speeders and bikes WIP

p5 GT list, painting GT

p6, (hissy fit) destroy and rebuild bikes.

p7 Damocles is big pimped, tallyman cont, Captians relic blade, speeders rebuilt, dev squad and other misc paint jobs..

p8 Giant post of every model I have possible in any way stuck into a giant army list print out..(kills the page)
Wear out scroll finger and get to:
New super fluffy post GT whitescars list emerging.Lots of pics of bikes and speeders being magnetised.
Tallyman and DP/king rat of nurgle cont..Plague monks progress.. deffcoptas progress. titan gets a new arm.

p9 Pictures of (nearly) finished nurgle
talk of gesso (undercoating substance)

p10 Mr awesome the missile devastator, and kantory seargant.Stuff about magnets..

P12 Space crusade dreadnoughts a quad gun and I dust off the thread (2012) to start doing some undead.

ALL MY MODELS AS OF 2011 (minus orks)
KMB+LH do apocolypse build up
My night with lovecraft- a short story of dread
Righty..I need to do some catchup pics to join in.
First off the workspace and gaming environment

the dark lair
Some shelves

Army of the moment kept on cheeseplatter for rapid deployment

Some stuff in storage for the edition

Gaming at mine

EDIT GAMING AT MINE 2010 Now with added conservatory and turkish bazaar yellow instead of regal yellow :D


PostPosted: Thu Jun 12, 2008 10:16 am
by killmaimburn
Trying to homebrew an obliterator for the new codex
Getting the size right using washers and bases

Trying weapon load out with blu tack
Some painting done to recover from the glue disaster (a full pot spilled over it ) so I'm taking a breather here for a while

PostPosted: Thu Jun 12, 2008 10:18 am
by KInG
lol, your doing it again... confusing me.!

so whats the project? :D

PostPosted: Thu Jun 12, 2008 10:24 am
by killmaimburn
KInG wrote:lol, your doing it again... confusing me.!

so whats the project? :D

I'm a tad confused too, why won't these darned attachments go in any sane order :x (I note that spack had the same problem with dice)
Its a general log of all things being painted up (whilst also not hijacking or smearing over everyone elses posts in an effort to catchup or getting swallowed by the epic thread) :D
Feel free to do some clever mod stuff like shrinking to thumbnails and hotlinking in the right order to some other bit of the site or something.
Dreadnought pics to follow shortly


PostPosted: Thu Jun 12, 2008 10:32 am
by killmaimburn
Work in progress from ages back
I finally got brave and started painting in yellows, with a brazen brass light wash over after wards to make the brush strokes look more solid and like wear.
Fairly menacing ,My first attempt at flames

PostPosted: Thu Jun 12, 2008 11:29 am
by Ljundhammer
Flames look good.

I like the blue too - the lens on the lascannons is v nice. The writing is awesome - very chaos.

Glad to see "old mr backwards legs" getting some love :)

Keep it going, I couldn't be bothered!

PostPosted: Thu Jun 12, 2008 12:15 pm
by Spack
killmaimburn wrote:I'm a tad confused too, why won't these darned attachments go in any sane order :x (I note that spack had the same problem with dice)

I'll look into it - it appears to display the attachments in the reverse order of how they were added to the message, should be simple enough to change.

UPDATE: Aha! The default setting for the mod is in reverse order, I've changed it to display in the order they are added to the post.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 12, 2008 1:58 pm
by mattjgilbert
Looking good. Welcome to the project log party! :occasion18

So what's the full list of:
Everything you have to get done?
Everything you want to get done?
Everything you need to get done for a particular date (like August!)?

Then we know what your actual progress looks like :D

PostPosted: Wed Jun 18, 2008 12:35 pm
by killmaimburn
THREAD REMADE with help of spack and his ninja site to be more readable
Ljundhammer wrote:Glad to see "old mr backwards legs" getting some love :)
Those aren't backwards..she's chaos and she's just blood raged because some old fiend just grabbed her bum, she's pivoting in rage at the chaplin saying "keep your hands to yourself or I'll have to kill one of my own men again"

Its roughly a list of everything I want to get done so i don't have to spend too long going through loads of mini paint threads and then constantly being necrotic.. I frequently will do a layer of painting and then walk off to do something else then 6 months later come back to do the shading..
Pressing at the moment is the summer lists and finishing off some paint jobs for then
as of last spring my tzeentch (chosen with help of the high and mighty of AOS to be what I bring) looked like this

Since then I've added another squad of rubics the demons have gone into cold storage and I've started painting up the vehicles (photo to appear in the log shortly)I've bought a few demon princes ready painted (well) off tha interwebz and bought a few more tanks and rhinos.

I've never taken a picture of my khorne (and probably now never will as most our in deep storage in the attic) but if they come out I'll take some pics (theres about 80 minis some only drybrushed for speed)

My Nids are 1/4 done
but I won't be working on them for a long while..i don't get them.. and I have problems with their colour scheme (my test models look awful as I've been trying reds with blue washes and stuff they just look blarg and are shelved painting wise for foreseeable future)

My space marines\ chaos undivided\ padder for cult armies etc is rather large (photo taken middle of last year fair bit more since then)
pressing projects.. tidying up my 1500 purity above all army before it becomes extinct in september.. (photos soon including Dr Bile)
And finishing off a few of the models that people leant me bits to do something with.. e.g. the veterans squad I've been making out of wolfen longtooths really out to get finished.

nothings really finished until its finished (twice) due to the way I paint and move on and go back(so its kind of handy keeping stuff fairly localised. (I've done some more stuff to the obliterator for example)
and a few one offs when I feel silly, that I need to just get done.

Main current projects of the moment are the 2 already listed above.. the defiler that you can see in the background of the 1000sons pic (photos up by end of week on progress) and finishing touches to a few other bits and bobs.. (Although I really need to work up the motivation to do more stuff with my marines.. thread on its drama is here and here are some typical examples of some of them that need some reworking\ finishing off
Whilst I consider my LATD projects to be dead in the water, especially since having painted them at night the colours are all messed up (some have since been corrected painstakingly since the photo was taken but the effort vs reward was too painful)

PostPosted: Wed Jun 18, 2008 1:10 pm
by mattjgilbert
Ah... many things on the go. It's what I like to see :)

Looking forward to pics of the defiler.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 10, 2008 4:12 pm
by killmaimburn
Some other WIPs
Image Ok this guy, I aim to have a cloth cover over the top to be an old style photographer (for joke shots against orcs You know hold it, stand together say " Waagh"etc)

Defiler one step closer to summer, Needs layers and shading and X and Y and Z Any tips incredibly needed, (the blue and yellow has to stay, the brass needs to stay to make the blue stand what do I do with his toes?)

From my angels of mercy list, an apothecary with bolter (and a surgical mask and a pager) I wish my painting skills were a bit better (sniffle) but he should be ok with a bit of toneing down his skin colour (no inks or anything applied yet)

First attempt at making a statue ( I have over 80 of these guys so I finally decided to do something with them.. expect them to slowly get better as I master this whole thing called "dry brushing"
So anybody have any great tips for any of the above other than to get a steadier painting hand? :D Anybody just want to say one idea is worth following up to completion?

Everything for summer now has 3 colours of paint etc (I even sent two squads off to MR6 to "finish off" (as in add to my base colours and make cool.. cos he's so much better at painting than me..when I get em back I'll show you what he did)

PostPosted: Thu Jul 10, 2008 4:21 pm
by timewizard
killmaimburn wrote:First attempt at making a statue ( I have over 80 of these guys so I finally decided to do something with them.. expect them to slowly get better as I master this whole thing called "dry brushing" So anybody have any great tips for any of the above other than to get a steadier painting hand?

Yes! This!

PostPosted: Thu Jul 10, 2008 5:08 pm
by killmaimburn
Ahh that is rather good,I was using this "Starting with a Chaos Black basecoat, the statue was heavily drybrushed with Jade Green. Once this coat was dry a very light and selective amount of Beaten Copper was drybrushed onto the model." Which wasn't exactly exhuastive...
Why did the cmon thing have to be white on white writing though.did my nut.. I don't think I'll be using Vallejos glaze, but I will certainly adapt my approach to the one he describes for my next one (watch this space for a few weeks :oops: ).

PostPosted: Thu Jul 10, 2008 5:55 pm
by timewizard
killmaimburn wrote:Why did the cmon thing have to be white on white writing though.did my nut..)

I know, it's a royal pain. If you just hit [control A] to select all, the text is readable.
killmaimburn wrote:I don't think I'll be using Vallejos glaze, but I will certainly adapt my approach to the one he describes for my next one (watch this space for a few weeks :oops: ).

Take a look at page 2. He describes a homemade version of the Vallejo glaze. The advantage is that it is a wash as opposed to dry brushing. Can't wait to see the finished results!

EDIT:You can sign up for the site. Then you can change the background colors and make the text visible. Costs nothing to join, I just did it.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 14, 2008 3:11 pm
by killmaimburn
Ahh that makes sense I guess...
I mentioned I built a tank box (well i didn't but i built new insides for my GW one,out of some spare Styrofoam )
It took an age, because I built it with 3 vertical strips, and then realised that if I copied GW and did quarters I could fit twice as much stuff in so I had to start again (but its ok my temporary shed came in Styrofoam and no one wanted it when I offered so I had a lot to use up)
In the end I used a lot of PVA glue and carefull cuting to build the central dividers- they are a slight squish to get in but do, and the base+ sides is 2 pieces( gap visible on the left), a snug fit but easily in and out able..
So when I wish I can use the box to house all my demons and inquisition and thralls and all the other stuff that the latest codex have made rather worthless...or I can carry 3 tanks and 2 dreadnoughts in it (spare blocks of Styrofoam (chers timewizard) and stuff added on top to seal it in)

That then means I have enough storage to get ready for next month
Click to zoom in to read labels, whoever built the defiler never thought of transporting it very far :evil: , the bottom box has 5 and a bit layers of foam + a predator another demon prince 3 obliterators and array of other stuff that makes up 3 army lists that can go up to 1850 and the CP lists ... although I will use the whirlwinds as rhinos for the CP :oops:

Its at moments like these when I say...If I was only taking 1500 of 1 army and took out the defiler and replaced it with 2 more oblits..I could fit that all in 2/3rds of a small case (and why gaming night is at mine not elsewhere) year I'll just bring movie marines :D

Anyway- they are in there now feeding off a few scraps of some 90s boy bands they'll come out hungry and ready for vengance :twisted: