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NECA Predators, Iron Man, and more

Re: NECA Predators, Iron Man, and more

Postby timewizard » Sat May 02, 2015 9:14 pm

That really camo out great Dan!
Very nicely done!
"I have found again and again that in encounter actions, the day goes to the side that is the first to plaster its opponent with fire." - Erwin Rommel
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Re: NECA Predators, Iron Man, and more

Postby BDA » Mon May 04, 2015 8:31 pm

man i love predators and you have done a wicked job on them :)
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Re: NECA Predators, Iron Man, and more

Postby Spack » Thu Apr 07, 2016 6:30 pm

Today my Predator collection grew a little more, with addition of the new Special Edition Jungle Hunter with LED lights. While I already had the unmasked closed mouth version of the original movie Predator i never managed track down a masked version at a reasonable price, but NECA have just released this new edition which fills the hole nicely.


The paint isn't as good as the original figure, but is better than the later release Gort limited edition figure which is the same figure but with the prototype helmet (later used for one of the background Predators seen at the end of Predator 2).


From left to right: Gort (2011), Special Edition (2016), Closed Mouth original (2010)

The LED lights are great, with the helmet targeting matrix and the gauntlet control panel able to be switched independently. The switch on the gauntlet is a little sticky, but otherwise the electronics work flawlessly. I probably won't have them on much though, although if I get cabinets set up with low voltage lighting I might look at replacing the batteries with feeds from the power supply so the LEDs come on with the display lighting in the evening.


I've had to rearrange the figures in the living room and unfortunately Iron Man will have to be moved upstairs, but it's a small price to pay for having the Predator collection feel more complete with such an iconic figure.


Front left to right: Unmasked City Hunter, Masked City Hunter, Closed Mouth Jungle Hunter, Special Edition Jungle Hunter, Dutch
Back left to right: Ram, Gort Jungle Hunter, Elder, Big Red, Guardian

Sorry for the crap phone pics...

NECA have listed the Aliens Warrior 1/4 scale for a June/July release this year, so that will probably be my next addition to the collection as the old NECA "Big Chap" Alien is somewhat outnumbered now. I haven't picked up one of the new Alien Big Chap figures as I didn't see enough difference to warrant replacing the original one.

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