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My inspiration!

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My inspiration!

Postby Darklighter » Thu Jun 08, 2017 10:08 am

This guy is my single biggest source of inspiration. When I first started to collect Tau I looked for forums (I'm that old) and found ATT (Advanced Tau Tactica) And a member called Kai'Lore Aka Lincoln Wright. Lincoln was just starting out his model making journey but quickly found he was able to produce a very pleasing quality of work, Living over in japan decided to enter a few modelling comps and eventually got picked up by a company and trained by some of Japans top model makers and painters. His work has featured in publication such as the weathering Magazine and have feature as box art for Maschinen Krieger (Ma.K). He now has quite a lot of old school design philosophy and skills passed down through these "Art" houses. He's even written background for some of the properties he's worked for. After moving back home to Australia he's decided to start a you tube channel and Patreon account to bring people his knowledge and industry insights to the masses.

This is a link to his first venture back to Games Workshop I hear he's also tinkering with Orks!

https://www.paintonplastic.com/paintonp ... -in-primer
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