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My new venture

Want to show off your painted figures? Got a cool conversion? Need some ideas?

My new venture

Postby Darklighter » Mon Jun 19, 2017 8:55 am

OK I've done a few commission painting jobs recently Mostly Game workshop but also a repaint on a Disney infinity game piece... FW Primarch and a 2k Space wolf army. I've put most of my work in a FB group page that's all but locked down to act as a gallery (it was just easier than learning web design).

My prices are really competitive and start at a base rate of 100% RRP (on GW/FW products) with extras for building and clean up... To be discussed as required. Obviously discounts can be negotiated for friends and or for very large commissions. Other systems I'm not familiar with so would require a little more work on the pricing structure.

Feel free to take a look at the page and share it as you see fit. The new edition of 40k has just landed, now is the time to get that army battle ready!


I'd rather stick as local as I can for work as shipping armies and ensuring safe transport for them is a bit of a nightmare!
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