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[H]25 years of assorted stuff [W]Cash [UK only]

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[H]25 years of assorted stuff [W]Cash [UK only]

Postby Baragash » Wed Nov 02, 2016 5:24 pm

Absolute ton of stuff, there’s some gems in here eg Specialist Games and Juan Diaz Daemonettes so although it’s long, worth reading. Note - nothing is Finecast.
There’s still lots to come including Blood Bowl & Warhammer Quest stuff.
If you have any questions let me know (here or PM)!

Games Workshop Board Games

Valley of the Four Winds
https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/334122 ... quests-dem
Condition: Used but 99% complete (IIRC from last time I used it only one counter is missing)

Condition: still sealed

Space Hulk - most recent 2nd run
Condition: still sealed

Chaos Marauders
https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/118 ... -marauders
Condition: complete, well used, corner of box split

Fantasy Flight Board/Card Games

Chaos in the Old World & Horned Rat Expansion
Condition: opened but never played but some damage to back of main box, some fading on expansion box from sunlight

Blood Bowl Card Game
Condition: opened but never played

Death Angel Card Game
Condition: opened but never used, some fading on box from sunlight

Battlestar Galactica core Game & Pegasus Expansion
Condition: opened, core game played once, expansion unused

Other Board Games

Monopoly City
Condition: open but unused

Sedition Wars - pretty much an “all in pledge” for $345
Condition: untouched

Miscellaneous GW

Uniforms & Heraldry of the Empire
Condition: excellent

Collector’s Guides
Condition: all good condition
1997 Annual, Imperial Guard (2nd printing), Eldar & Dark Eldar, 2x Chaos (WHF), Chaos Space Marines, Elven, Specialist Games, Forces of the Imperial Inquisition

Gaunt’s Ghosts
Traitor’s Gambit LE short story - good condition
White Dwarf short story book - some wearing

Staff Only Chaos Knight
Condition: unassembled


Limited Edition Dark Vengeance Box
Condition: open but unused

Grey Knights
Metal Terminator Box - unused

Inquisitor, Callidus Assassin - painted tabletop standard
5 metal stormtroopers with brass etch “I” - basecoats
Inquisitor Henchmen - assembled, various stages of painting
Brass Etch - some used

Sisters of Battle
7 Retributors (4 Heavy Bolters, 3 Bolters) - low tabletop standard Argent Shroud
2 metal characters (Jacobius and Kyrinov) - assembled

Black Templars
Command Squad with brass etch banner - assembled
2x5 Crusader Squad + accessories - basecoats
5xScouts - assembled
1xChaplain - assembled
Grimaldus + Servitors - assembled
Non-LE Emperor’s Champion
Brass Etch - some used
Chapter accessories - some used

3rd Ed Dark Eldar army
Condition: 99% assembled, various stages of undercoating and painting, vehicles will need TLC
HQ: Drazhar, both Archaon models, 9 Incubi (cloaked master, 2 special weapons), Urien, both female special characters
Elites: 2x10 Wych squads + options and Raiders
Troops: 2x Warrior Squads + options and Raiders
FastAttack: 2x5 Warp Beast squads + Handlers
Heavy Support: 3x Talos, 2x Ravagers, 1x10 Scourges (Leader, 4 Splinter Cannons, 5 Rifles)
TBC: 2 Raiders for HQ & Wych 9xWych bodyguard for special character

Juan Diaz Daemonettes
Condition: on foot = assembled, based, some undercoated, some painted, a couple varnished; mounted = unused (some daggers may need repairing)
18 Daemonettes
12 Mounted Daemonettes

Astral Claws
2x5 Terminators with FW shoulder pads - various stages of still on sprue through to basecoats
Master of the Forge special character - partial assembly
Lufgt Huron - unused

Chaos Renegades
2x10 model squads with flamer, vox caster & champion - basecoated
1x7 Command squad (command squad set & heavy stubber weapon team) - basecoated
3x Chimera - 1 assembled inc brass etch and other FW accessories, 2 in box
Brass Etch - some used
A couple of Necromunda models for priests and psykers
TBC additional FW accessories pieces


Main lot
5,000 point Chaos Warrior army - note not a legal force due to lack of Marauders
Handful of High Elf blisters and Warmaster magazines

Battlefleet Gothic

Planet Killer Issue 1
Condition: good

BFG Magazine Issue 1
Condition: good

Main lot - not up for splitting
Chaos Desolator Battleship - basecoated red over black undercoat
2x Blackstones - 1 assembled, 1 unassembled
8x plastic Chaos cruisers various configurations + leftover parts - assembled, may need a little TLC, damage where sprue clipped away from rear
8x plastic Imperial cruisers various configurations + leftover parts - assembled may need a little TLC
6x Chaos Infidel Raider escorts - NIB
6x Imperial Firestorm Frigate escorts - NIB
1x Imperial Retribution Battleship - NIB
2x Special Order Dice & Counter sets from core game (some wear & tear - no normal D6s)
Main Rulebook - light water damage to back couple of pages
Armada Rulebook - massive water damage, may be unuseable
2002 Annual - significant water damage but still useable with a little care
Warp Storm - good condition
Planet Killer Issue 1 - good condition
BFG Magazine Issues 1-19 - good condition


The Cirian Legacy
Condition: good

Dark Heresy

The Radical’s Handbook
Condition: significant damage to bottom corner, otherwise good

Mantic Deadzone 1st Edition

2x Nexus Psi
Condition: good

Citadel Journal

Issue 50
Condition: good

Aeronautic Imperialis

One lot
Main Rulebook - some water damage to the back dozen pages
Tactica Aeronautica - good condition
Card set - laminated, excellent condition
10 Chaos planes (6 Hell Talons, 4 Hellblades) - assembled and undercoated, some wear & tear
Approx 10 Imperial planes (TBC exact ones) - mostly unassembled, one has weak casting on tail fin which will need TLC

[/u]Mantic Kings of War[/u]

Drakon Set
6 Drakon Riders and Drakon Lord
Condition - NIB


Chaos Dwarfs (metal big hats)
Condition: painted badly
Sorcerer, Death Rocket

Warhammer/Kings of War

Tomb Kings/Empire of Dust
Condition: mostly assembled, some basecoated
Characters: Settra (chariot + additional on foot), Neferata, both King/Prince foot variants, 2x Priests mounted, 2xPriests foot, LE Icon Bearer, Icon Bearer foot, Icon Bearer mounted, 2xKing/Priest in Chariot
9xChariots with command
1xSphinx (NIB)
24xTomb Guard with command (metal)
3 or 4 Scorpions
3 or 5 Tomb Swarms
16xHeavy Horse
Additional horsemen unassembled
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