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Army List Advice?!?

Got figures to sell? Or something you want? Post ads for sales, trades, or wants, and see if any other members can help out

Army List Advice?!?

Postby BELLMASTER » Sun Apr 08, 2012 9:55 pm

Hello everybody,
Ive changed this post from seeing if anyone has any models to sell or trade to army advice so sorry that its on the wrong forum sorry, so please leave posts of what you think of this Grey Knight army list,its all for the schools league so no more than 600 points :

*Lord Kaldor Draigo - 275 points

1x Paladin Squad - 75 points

1x Paldin Squad - 55 points
*Nemesis Daemon Hammer

Heavy Support

Nemesis Dreadknight - 195 points
*Gatling psilencer
*Nemesis greatsword

Total: 600 points
So please leave your advise on this Army List :D
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Grey Knight
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Re: Any Figures Up For Sale Or Trade?

Postby LordMalekTheRedKnight » Sun Apr 08, 2012 10:50 pm

I have a Space Marine army and some Necrons for sale (both waiting to be built).

Space Marine stuff (all unbuilt, still on sprues)
- 2 x Razorbacks
- 1 x Whirlwind
(All of the above could be built as Rhinos instead, come with instructions, are still on the sprues but all have had a few minor accessories removed)
- Devastators: 5 Marines plus parts to make 2 Lascannons, 2 Heavy Bolters, Plasma Cannon, Missile Launcher, Sgt
- 10 Marines plus parts to make them as Command Squads, or Tacticals, or Missile Launcher Devastators (lots of spare weapons etc)
- Assault on Black Reach Space Marines:
-- 1 Captain
-- 1 Dreadnought
-- 5 Terminators
-- 10 Marines (inc Sgt, Missile Launcher, Flamer)
- Battle For Macragge Space Marines:
-- 4 Marines (inc Missile Launcher & Flamer)

Necron Stuff:
- 20 Necron Warriors (some partially assembled)
- 3 Necron Scarab bases
- Necron Lord (Res Orb, metal)
- 3 Necron Wraiths (metal)
- 5 Necron Immortals (metal)
All required parts included (along with bases, and green rods for the Necrons), and everything is in bits/on sprues waiting to be built (except 8 of the Warriors).

I also have some Sisters of Battle, some Chaos and some Terrain:

- Thousand Sons Squad (9 metal/plastic models inc. Sorceror and Icon, boxed)
- 9 Horrors of Tzeentch (metal)
- Sisters of Battle Seraphim Squad (5 metal models, boxed)
- Aegis Defence Line (boxed)
- Blastscape Craters (pack of 5)
If anyone is interested in 40K scale terrain, I also have some by a company called Amera:
- Z230 Redoubt
- Z216 Fortified Barricade
- Z204 Bastion Stronghold
see them at http://amera.co.uk/​product.php?range=z . Its all ready to be painted. :)

PM me if interested.


~ Tim
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Re: Any Figures Up For Sale Or Trade?

Postby Bob_to_Some » Tue Apr 10, 2012 11:23 am

I'd be interested in the necron wraiths and possibly the swarms
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