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Chaos Fantasy for Sale

PostPosted: Mon Jul 28, 2014 9:36 pm
by Ian
OK so the Wood Elves & Bretonnians did not take your fancy (they are on ebay if you want to see them) how about some chaos?

Khorne Champion on pile of Skulls
Chaos Sorcerer on Foot
Chaos Champions * 2 on Foot
Khorne Champion on Juggernaut (old one)
Tzeenetch Sorcerer on Disc

Hounds of Chaos * 8
Marauders on foot * 16 (FC, 8*HW/Sh, 5*2HW)
Chaos Warriors * 12 (FC, 3* 2HW, 5*HW/Sh)
Chaos Warriors * 24 (these are the old ones in fixed pose with upright axe)

5 * Marauder Horse
5 * Chaos Knight
Chaos Chariot (old metal one)
Home made War Shrine

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