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GW and Mantic bits for sale

PostPosted: Wed Sep 23, 2015 11:16 pm
by berger15
I'm having a massive clearout of bits I have not yet managed to paint, or game with - I have a plastic addiction it seems!

So, on to the goods:


Mercenaries - All £2.50 each
(All supplied with their stat card, unpainted, but built and on a base unless otherwise noted)

Aqissiaq (unbuilt, with base)

I have some odds and sods - peacekeeper and enforcer parts left over - If you want them, make me an offer. Please bear in mind postage and packing costs though!

Dreadball / Xtreme

Veer-myn team figures - 7 plus one spare body (Hex bases included) Undercoated, one has broken tail. £5.00

The Warden, Blaine and nine (9) Free agents (With hex bases) £10.00

(Also willing to discuss trading for some DBO Zee.)


Agni (Fire) King
Prithvi (Earth) - King, Queen, 2 x Rooks, Knight, 2 x Pawns

Willing to trade these for other Loka pieces, or sell at 2 for £1. If you want more (or less?) then I'm sure we can come to some arrangement!


Warhammer Fantasy Battle 8th Ed Rulebook - £10 (only due to excessive postage - it's very heavy. £5 if collect or local delivery.)

All prices include UK postage 2nd class. I will post worldwide, but I will need to check postage first.