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Have: DE Want: Nurgle/££

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Have: DE Want: Nurgle/££

Postby Dopey Jack » Sun Oct 18, 2009 2:57 pm


I am looking to trade/sell the following DE army, I am looking for 40k Nurgle (inc. deamons)


2 x 2 warriors with dark lances
1 x Packmaster
1 x Vect, gunner and bodyguard (with throne etc)

Loose metal:

2 x blaster warriors
4 x Dark Lance warrior
1 x Urien
1 x Kruellagh
2 x Drahzar
12 x Dark Lance Scourge
3 x Splinter Cannon Scourges
9 x Splinter Rifle Scourges (can only find 3 wingpacks with these)
3 x Warp beasts (one missing hind leg)
5 x Mandrakes
1 x Spyre Hunter (I know, but he looks good for a DE army)
3 x Dracon
13 x Incubi
2 x "Overcoat" incubi
2 x Agoniser Sybarite
2 x Whip Sybarite
19 x Wyches (some with special weps)
1 x Archon
5 x Hellion (missing glider)
5 x Hellion (with gliders)
1 x Haemonculi with stinger
2 x Talos (1 is missing the stinger gun on rear)
1 x Grotesque
1 x Lelith (missing right arm)


Lots of DE Warriors in various states
Several bikes in disrepair
2 x Ravagers
1 x Vect Raider
6 x Raiders
(Vehicles need resticking and TLC)
1 x Green Goblin Glider (was going to mash with jetbikes to make a flyer)
Dopey Jack
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