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Lots of Warhammer and 40K bits

PostPosted: Fri May 30, 2014 9:50 pm
by Bob_to_Some
WTS bulk lot of random stuff:
UK Based, buyer pays postage and fees if applicable.
17 Dark Angels from Dark Vengeance box set, including 2X plasma gun and 2 x Sgt
Special limited edition Chaplain from the box set
Dark Angels captain from Dark Vengeance
3 Ravenwing
1 Metal Techmarine body
Chaplain bike plate + bike accessories
3 x Imperial Sanctioned
1 Very old and rare Gotrek the Slayer model mint condition
1 metal dwarf slayer, very old
2 Metal flesh hounds of Khorne
3 Khorne blood letters, metal (normal guy, horn blower and standard)
2 x Bret Grail Knights
1 x Metal Bret Damsel
3 x Bret Grail pilgrams
Open to offers and will happily split or sell combined.
WTS quickly.

Pictures are all on this FB page: ... 151950788/