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Skaven army for sale

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Skaven army for sale

Postby Pauldorsey80 » Mon Feb 03, 2014 11:39 am

Hi guys
As i am continuing to clear out all my unused armys and models i have a skaven army for sale
This army is in different stages of being painted and is made up using the contents of two sets
of island of blood (iob) skaven, a battle force and other separate kits,

The contents of this army are as follows.......

2x warlords (iob)
1x cheiftain (metal)
1x grey seer (metal)
2x engineers (iob)
3x plague priests (custom)
1x queek headtaker (metal

60x skaven slaves (old style plastic clan rats, used as slaves)
20x plague monks
70x clan rats (spears)
30x clan rats (hw)
2x warp flamer teams (iob)
2x mortar teams (iob)
1x doom wheel
6x giant rat bases
6x rat ogers
4x pack masters
1x army book
assorted trays
bits box of spares and shields
And 20 spare clan rats with assorted weapons.
I am looking for a quick sale so .....£60..... the lot, not willing to split as i am selling to make space and have not got the time
to send each item off in all directions, i would perfare to sell locally to save effort, but might be willing to post if buyer covers packaging and postage( army fits into island of blood box, but will require bubble wrap and packaging).

Please have a look at the pictures and ask me any questions you may have. Thanks....paul
Image http://imageshack.com/a/img208/2994/a5xo.jpg
more images are avalable upon request
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