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Wood Elves & Bretonnians for Sale

PostPosted: Thu Jul 24, 2014 9:18 pm
by Ian
OK I am never going to do anything with these again so I think I will get rid of them. I will offer them here before they go in ebay:

28 * Dryads
11 * Wardancers (metal & propainted)
1 * Treeman (old one with 40mm bases would make a good tree kin now)
8 * Glad Riders (propainted)
Great Eagle
3 * Warhawk Riders
35 * Eternal Gaurd (5th edition so spear upright)
10 * Archers (Old High Elf one painted in woody colours)
14 * Archers (wood elve figures)
10 * Archers (well painted wood elves figures)
Spell Singer on foot (propainted)
Highborn on Horse (propainted)
plus book if anyone wants it

Grail Reliquery + 23 assorted followers
2 * Knights on Foot
140 Peasant Bowmen

Blood in Badland Campaign book
40K Battle Mission book

Both armies come in KR cases so if you want the lot that will be thrown in. PM if you want pics or to make an offer, any reasonable price considered.