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K!nG's British Fleet

PostPosted: Fri Jun 26, 2009 2:45 am
by KInG
I jumped on the British list as soon as we looked at playing this game, coz, well, I guess I'm patriotic ;)

Then I realised that the Brits are way more expensive to buy, points wise. This concern was soon put aside when I say the rules for Colinwood and his abilities. But that is another thread I think.

This thread is to follow my progress with the making, painting and rigging of my British fleet.

Having been given a few Langton ships, I set off making and painting them before finding out that the ones I had done first, the large 3rd rate and 1st rate, were not even British ships :(

This is a piccie of the large 3rd rate I paint-tested in the British colour scheme. I guess I could use it as the captured French large 3rd rate BELLEISLE (74) which was second in Colinwood's leeward division (totally dismasted and adrift by the end of the battle of Trafalgar with one of the largest counts for dead and wounded, but played her part in taking the heat off Colinwwod's flagship, Royal Sovereign).


Since painting and making some other ships with the preformed metal sails, I've now decided to go for the brass sails, as they look alot cleaner and more detailed when finished, but only marginly (as seen on my new HMS Victory):


So, I'm putting sails on atm, and when that is done I'll put some more pictures up, ready for the painting stage. I just followed the painting guide in the rulebook, which I found simple and easy to follow. The rulebook is worth buying just for the painting and rigging guide.

I've also ordered some ratlines (brass) from Langton, along with some Martello towers and Toulon Fort, so I'll get them on also when they arrive, with a few other bits.

PostPosted: Fri Jun 26, 2009 7:37 am
by estarriol
Two points, firstly, it is Collingwood! Cuthbert Collingwood to be precise.

Secondly, if the ships are French built then there is plenty of Royal Navy usage, as their were plenty of captured Frebch ships in British service, and at least one British design of 74 was a direct copy of the French design.

Pointswise in the period 2 British ships were reckoned equal to 3 French or Spanish.

For further Naval information here is a useful site:

And this is THE reference book for the Ryal Navy in the period. ... 077&sr=1-1

PostPosted: Fri Jun 26, 2009 11:54 am
by KInG
:( sorry estarriol, you are correct ;)

i will be checking out those links asap, many thanks for those too :D