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Malifaux Bases

PostPosted: Thu Sep 12, 2013 1:54 pm
by Cain Tiberius
First off, I'd like to thank Spack for the dedicated Malifaux section! Thank you :)

This thread is going to be dedicated to purely the Malifaux figures I build/paint. First I'll add links to my previous blog entries here for easy reference.

Arcanist: Kaeris' Crew
Ten Thunders: The Thunder
Arcanists: Steamborg Executioner
Ten Thunders: Oiran

Now onto updates.

My wife, Jacqueline, has expressed an interest in Malifaux to the point we've played several games now. :) So far she's been using the Kaeris crew, but I asked to look over the range and pick a crew out she likes the look of. And she picked the Arcanists Marcus crew. So this past couple weeks I've been work on them.
I asked what kind of detail she'd like on the bases, and how she'd like them painted. This is what we came up with.


The bases are sculpted. The tree stump and log are a mix of Green Stuff and Miliput and the rock is Filla over balsa wood.


I was quite happy with how Marcus came out as I've not painted dark skin before. I think he came out quite well. Should be noted this is the Alternative Marcus model, not the box set version.

Sabertooth Cerberus

The ivy growing across the rock is Army Paint Poison Ivy. I can't recommend this stuff enough! It looks awesome.

Razorspine Rattler

Added to these Jacq chose a set of Malifaux Raptors.

I didn't sculpt the branch or rock on these. They are part of the model.
She also got a set of Guild Hounds. Yes they are Guild Faction, but Marcus can hire Beasts from any faction without cost penalty.


I did sculpt the log and rock on these two.
I think the next purchases for the Marcus crew will be a second Sabertooth Cerberus, some more Raptors, a Hoarcat Pride and possibly some Molemen. This crew is going to be quite a powerful crew I predict..

Comments and Criticisms welcome.

Re: My Malifaux blog

PostPosted: Thu Sep 12, 2013 1:57 pm
by Ljundhammer
Ohh, you are very talented aren't you!

They are very nice indeed. I hope your wife enjoys them.

I like your logs, can we have a tutorial?

Re: My Malifaux blog

PostPosted: Thu Sep 12, 2013 2:03 pm
by Cain Tiberius
Thanks bud :)

As usually I forgot to do stage by stage wip shots, lol. But I'll will do a couple more in next couple days for you :)

Re: My Malifaux blog

PostPosted: Thu Sep 12, 2013 3:36 pm
by ruffian4
Fantastic (green)stuff!
I'm sure she's well chuffed with them!

Re: My Malifaux blog

PostPosted: Thu Sep 12, 2013 7:51 pm
by Red Devil
Outstanding work on the log - so realistic!!

Re: My Malifaux blog

PostPosted: Tue Sep 17, 2013 10:18 pm
by Cain Tiberius
Thank you for the comments guys :) And yes my Wife is very pleased with them :D

Ljundhammer wrote:I like your logs, can we have a tutorial?

As promised, I've put together a couple more for a tute. I was going to add this to the tutorial section, but it seems I don't have the right permissions for that. So here it be..

I found that mixing Milliput with Green Stuff is better than using either separately. It doesnt have to be an exact science, but I usually try to mix about a 50/50 mix. I mix the 2 parts of the milliput, then the 2 parts of green stuff together. Then I mix the green stuff and milliput together. The mix gains some of the Green Stuffs stability with the milliputs sculptability.


On to the Fallen Log.


1) I used a short section of of 3/8 plastic tube, cutting notches into the end. I also slightly flattened it.
2,3) Use a little of the mix to fix the tube into place.
4) Using the curved end of the sculpting tool, I put a layer of putty mix over the whole outside of the tube and a little inside the ends.
5) Using the pointy end of the tool, roughly but not deeply score the putty mix mimicking tree bark. At the ends, pull the blade past the ends. this gives a more natural look to the bark.
(6) When it sets, I lightly scrape a blade over the putty scraping off any debrit/lumps.

The Tree Stump.


1) Put a round lump of the mix on the base with a flat top.
2) Using the pointy end, lightly score vertically around the edge of the putty. Remember to pull the blade past the end of stump to give the bark a natural look.
3) Using the curved end of the tool, smooth the top of the putty. Be careful not to flatten the edges though.
4) Using the pointy end again, lightly score a few circular lines in the top of the stump and a few cracks going to the center of the lump.
5) Let the putty set hard. Once set, mix some more and put several small blobs around the edges (how ever many routes you want).
6) Shape and then score the routes using the same technique as the scoring on the main stump and log.
(7) Again once set, use the flat edge of a blade to scrape off any unwanted lumps/debris.



1) I used an Army Painter Desert Yellow primer, But that is up to you. The base colour is Citadel Rhinox Hide.
2) Then a liberal dry brush of Citadel Zandri Dust was applied. At this stage, paint the top of the stump with Citadel Ushabti Bone.
3) And then a liberal wash of Citadel Agrax Earthshade
4) At this stage you can add what ever model grasses/shrubbery you wish.

I hope this helps. Comments and Criticisms welcome.

Re: My Malifaux blog

PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2013 10:15 am
by Ljundhammer
Oh, I see. You'r4e just more talented than I could ever be :(

They are very nice. Saved to my favorites