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Power Cable Tutorial

Power Cable Tutorial

Postby Talus » Wed Jul 31, 2013 12:04 pm

-power cable-

take a paper clip, and bend it out to look like the above, you may need pliers, this is essential for what comes next
now, using a piece of wire, for this i've used Bell Twin Strand Wire from B&Q, 10m length, two wires (so effective 20m length) with the case stripped, wrap one end around just past the small bend you put in the paper clip
now, slowly to begin with untill it tightens up, wrap the wire around the paper clip, going from underneath and in front, to make this easier, hold a finger over the wire, and twist the paper clip like you would a corkscrew
you'll need to push the wire towards the end now and then to keep it all together, and to help achieve the power cable effect
and now you're done! because of how tight it's been wrapped, it's now strong enough to hold its shape when bent, or if you prefer, you can keep it on the paper clip (or brass rod)
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