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Count your scars!

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Re: Count your scars!

Postby chromedog » Sat Nov 18, 2017 7:51 am

None of my scars are from working with gaming models.

Despite the cutting towards myself. I have more control of the blade that way (cutting away, I tend to not control the follow-through as well, and that will result in injury).

I have a 7cm scar on my left thumb ("L shaped") that severed the radial nerve to the thumb and cut short (badum tish) my musical career (I used to play guitar in a band. We got signed and all - then I did that. 7 stitches and rehab for 8 weeks.).

I have a 2cm scar on the pad of my thumb that was the result of me sharpening a knife and it slipped, slicing into the meat. No stitches, sharp blade, pressure bandage kept it together long enough to close up).

1cm scar on left ring finger where a winch cable got me. 2 sttches.
2cm scar on right shoulder. Stab injury, Hollywood, 1995. 3 stitches. Walked down the wrong back street.

2cm scar and bone dent in right shin (1996) courtesy of a milk crate (some youths were playing soccer with it in the local railway tunnel (tiled) and it got lobbed in the direction of my groin. I moved leg up to block it.

1cm stellate scar under left knee (winch hook - same incident gave me the ring-finger scar).
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