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Orks Massive army

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Orks Massive army

Postby WhiteWeaselStudio » Fri Dec 18, 2020 2:42 pm

Yes, as you can see we honored the Orktober with this massive army directly released from the guts of Mork (or maybe Gork?).

More than 250 infantry models between boyz, kommandos, gretchinz, nobz, meganobz or tankbustas among others form this huge army led by Ghazghkull Thraka himself (yes, he is somewhere in the middle of that red and green tide). To support the boyz, the speed freaks have brought all their evil vehicles such as the gargantuan Gorkanauts or the fast buggies in all their versions. There is also a mob of Warbikers, a couple of Deff Rollas and some bombers.

For such an avalanche of miniatures our customer decided a combination of our level 2/5 and 3/5 depending on the relevance of the models within the army. Our level 3 “Captain” would be applied on the largest vehicles and on the HQ units while our level 2 “Liutenat” will be used for the rest of miniatures.

Since our customer did not want to choose one single Ork sub-faction, he decided to use the Evil Sunz scheme but adding some extra touches of blue and yellow to match other possible Ork clans such as the Speed Freaks or the Death Skulls. Indeed he created such a unique army!

We hope you like this new commission. Believe me when I say that our operatives really deserved a rest after this ;)
All comments are always welcome!

Full gallery here: https://www.whiteweaselstudio.com/en/po ... sive-army/

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