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Welcome to the site! Please read me first!!

Welcome forum

Welcome to the site! Please read me first!!

Postby Spack » Mon Oct 24, 2005 4:38 pm

Welcome to the Age of Strife site. Before you do anything else, please read the forum rules.

Daylight Savings Time: new users do not have DST enabled. If you are in a DST zone (1 hour added from Mar/Apr to Oct) then go to your Profile and change the DST setting to Yes.

Please post a new topic in this forum (just click here) to introduce yourself.

Probably the first forum post you want to read will be Why is your rank "newbie" in the forums? ;)

If you see any abbreviations in the posts that you don't recognise, check out the Lexicon.

To set your avatar (the picture under your name at the left of your posts, like my nice Terminator head from a model I painted years ago), go to the Control Panel link in the menu at the left side, click the Profile tab, and then choose Edit Avatar in the left menu on that page - you can choose an existing avatar already on the site, or upload your own.

Spam prevention: new members will have some restrictions in place such as no private messaging, no links in posts, and no signatures, these will be lifted once certain conditions have been fulfilled. These are in place due to persistent spamming in the past, without them the forums would be overrun.

If you get stuck, drop a post in the Helpdesk and a moderator should be able to sort you out.
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