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Product Review: Unseen Lerker Magazine

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Product Review: Unseen Lerker Magazine

Postby Ogregut » Thu Mar 03, 2011 2:34 pm

I heard about the independent wargaming magazine Unseen Lerker (UL) from the bad-dice podcast and thought I would give it a whirl and I thought I would share my thoughts about it with you.

UL is bi-monthly and mainly focused on Warhammer but does cover other systerms and not just GW. The issue I bought is issue 7.

FIrst impressions.

When I recieved it in the post I was a little disappointed at the number of pages considering the price I paid. The contents however looked quite good;

Burning the Countryside - A look at using dragons in 8th Ed
Waynes World - Conversion article
Banebeast - A look at Maelstroms Banebeasts models
Army Showcase - Mark Wildmans Beastmen
From Scratch - Building a gaming board
Isle of the Dead - a fanstay battle report

Each article is well written and informative with full colour pics. I enjoyed each one and it gave me some good ideas.

The magazine itself is printed on good quality paper and securely fastened with two staples.

My only bug bear is the price - £4.50 the same as White Dwarf yet UL is only 49 pages, 9 of which were adverts.

UL seems to be very promising and it I hope it continues to grow, I enjoy seeing others peoples hobby, their ideas and this is a great showcase for it, yet the price for content is a bit steep.

More info can be found at; http://unseenlerker.com/
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Re: Product Review: Unseen Lerker Magazine

Postby mattjgilbert » Thu Mar 03, 2011 3:12 pm

Thanks for that - I'll give it a try.
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Re: Product Review: Unseen Lerker Magazine

Postby timewizard » Thu Mar 03, 2011 3:39 pm

It looks like if you subscribe, you automatically get entered in a contest as well.
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