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vampire counts

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vampire counts

Postby samuelgrimwade » Fri May 27, 2011 7:33 pm

Hi all, so I've struggled to sell on my brothers vampire counts, so i figured i'd give them a test out on the field with a view to making them my next army.

just wondering if anyone has some basic vampire counts advice and tactics? Units not to leave home without? Character builds? anything and everything, never played vampire counts before so could do with all the advice I can get.

Cheers in advance

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Re: vampire counts

Postby Cobby » Sat May 28, 2011 10:43 pm

For mw when using the Vampire Counts (only use when I can borrow off a friend so unsure of all names for itmes etc) you can not just use a unit on its own like some armies, you need to use other models and units to BUFF each other. I persoanlly find a 30 strong unit of Grave Guard with great weapons with full command lead by a Vampire Battle Standard bearer (vampire skill of +1 to combat res) 2 magic banners Banners 1 of Hatred for the unit and 1 of +1 to hit in first round of combat (banner of the barrows). This unit is then backed up by a Vampire lord with the crown of command (again unsure of Magic item) allows a unit to use his weapon skill of 7 in combat and Staff of Damnation which can allow all units within 12 inches a single attack. So thats 12 off the Grave Guard hitting on 2+ with hatred at strength 6 with killing blow also poss Magic spells for always strike first.
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Re: vampire counts

Postby Ogregut » Sat May 28, 2011 11:52 pm

Vamps can be powerful but there are only a couple of builds, mainly ghouls and grave guard.

I do think the above one is a bit OTT and very much all eggs in one basket, the units I wouldn't leave home without are;

30 Grave guard, hatred banner and wight king.
2 units of horde ghouls, for 8 points you get T4 and 2 poisoned attacks, pretty good.
A vamp with the helm of damnation (the WS one to help the ghouls or grave guard as needed)
Master of the balck arts (plus 2 power dice is great)
Ghoulkin for that move before the game starts

Not got much else to say as only used my Vamps a couple of times in 8th but have been toying with the idea of a vamp with lore of beasts backing up the army. Strength and toughness 5 grave guard, strength 4 and toughness 5 ghouls. Hell yeah!
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Re: vampire counts

Postby DaBoss » Sun May 29, 2011 6:23 pm

Having played Vampire Counts quite a lot in 8th Edition, here's what I like:

Ghouls - Toughness 4, 2 attacks and Poison; take big units flanked by smaller units.
Corpse Cart - worth taking one if you have the points - just to have Miasma of Deathly Vigour to get strike first.

Grave Guard - units of 30 strong with Great Weapons or Shield save

Cairn Wraiths 3 strong with Banshee for that howl
Varghulf - Nice unit to give addition Vampire march support.

The rest of the units have not really worked for me, luckily I have 140 Ghouls in my collection.

As to Lords/Heroes:
Vampire Lord
Master of the Black Arts - boost of 2 power dice essential
Forbidden Lore - get all the spells
Summon Ghouls - to add +1 to roll and be able increase size of Ghoul units.
Helm of Commandment - give WS to another unit

Infinate Hatred - re-roll to hit
The Flayed Hauberk - good save
Sword of Kings - get killing blow
Combat killer to lead a Horde of Ghouls

2nd Vampire
Forbidden Lore - to choice the 6th spell from the other lores
Talisman of the Lycni - enable fast movement down one flank
This Vampire is the throw-away big spell caster - especially Purple Sun

4th Character can be a Wight King Battle Standard Bearer

I've tried Necromancers but find them too weak.

I've had a few successes with the Vampire Counts but not against the likes of Warriors of Chaos, Lizardmen or Dark Elves.

Still it's one of my favourite Armies - can't remember what you had in your collection...
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Re: vampire counts

Postby samuelgrimwade » Wed Jun 01, 2011 1:12 pm

Thanks for the advice, I've got like 60 skeletons that I'm just figuring aint gunna do much in any games! But i do have 40 ghouls so thats a good start. Think I'll start out with 2 units of 20 ghouls, wight king possibly in each and build from there. I've got 30 odd grave guard so thats gunna help nicely (although they all need painting! boo) and 20 black knights, so a few units of them (again need painting though!), have to bust the book out and see what i can muster so i can switch up with my High Elves every now and again.

What are peoples thoughts against tomb kings, high elves or vampire counts? playing 2000pts in a week.
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