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Very quick batrep (no pics): Orcs vs Skaven

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Very quick batrep (no pics): Orcs vs Skaven

Postby mattjgilbert » Tue Nov 18, 2008 11:26 am

Played a 2000 point game against Wolflord Havoc (WLH) last night. I took Orcs, he took Rats.

I took three big infantry blocks to make sure I wasn’t outnumbers and maintained my rank bonuses as long as possible (like the damn rats do all the time). To hold these together I had a black orc warboss and a battle standard bearer. The rest of the army was small cavalry units and a couple of units of squig hoppers.

Expecting lots of magic from the rats, I took the totem which adds dispel dice equal to your rank bonus on the BSB and also the staff of sneaky stealin’ on a goblin shamen. As it turns out, WLH only had a single magic user as he went for a warlord instead (because he rarely take one and wanted a change). That meant I dispelled everything he tried easily including bound spells. My offensive magic was a bit poor in return though and didn’t manage a whole lot.

All my little units died on both flanks but the three big infantry blocks worked a treat and absorbed casualties and rebuffed everything thrown at them. The General/BSB combo worked to ensure they stuck around even if they did lose combat and most of the rats (including the warlord) had died come the end of the game (late , late finish though, about 1am and we started at 9ish.. god we are slow... need to play this game more to get up to speed!)

I got a marginal victory which would have been a solid one had my general not run from combat in the very last turn/very last roll of the game which meant he gave up his points as VPs and WLH also got 100 extra VPs for “slaying” him (fleeing at the end of the game).

Once our 40K campaign is over (next mission coming soon once some painting is done) we will do some detailed WHFB ones with pictures etc.
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Postby Angelwing » Tue Nov 18, 2008 4:19 pm

Sounds good. I too know the pain of the general legging it at the last moment. I've had my chaos dwarf lord on taurus decide to leave in a hurry costing me the game.
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Postby WolflordHavoc » Wed Nov 19, 2008 10:40 am

I was robbed

I managed to deal very handily and in the first 2 turns with all of Matt’s Cavalry and Skirmisher units (2 Wolf rider units, 1 Spider Rider unit, 1 unit of Boar Boyz and 2 small Sqig rider units) which was good because they have in previous battles been an absolute bum pain if I did not deal with them early.

However in all of the 3 main combats I Ran away from 1, lost a second (with the Plague priests running away) and won the 3rd but the Goblins being in range of both general and army standard stood firm – allowing the Black Orks to crash the party.

The game pretty much went down hill from there.

Learnings from the game – give my General a cheaper weapon – probably one that dishes out more attacks rather than the S10 warp blade thingy (and remember to give him some armor next time!).

In games where I do not take a Grey seer – I am always going to lose on the magic front. However there is no middle ground in a skaven army - it’s a Level 4 Grey Seer or a weedy Enginseer – with a single warp lightning attack. I guess I could in future use him as a dispel scroll caddy!

I dealt firmly with the Skirmishers/Cavalry but not with the main units – I guess I could have kept my Skirmishers out of combat and used them to occupy quarters etc (and not give away points) but I saw an opportunity to smash a large block of Orks and took it before working out the odds which were slimmer than I thought they would be.

But hat off to Matt – he built large blocks of infantry to make sure that he outnumbered the Skaven and these payed dividends in the end.
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