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Latest changes in 8.11

Latest changes in 8.11

Postby timewizard » Sat Feb 15, 2014 6:55 pm

So getting back into WOT after a week of shoveling lots of snow and taking care of 2 sick kids!

I use roughnecks mods and find the extra info it gives makes the game play better, for me at least. Here's what my startup screen looks like:

roughs start page.jpg

Along with the stats, you can see the type of tanks in the battle, and he's added the view range of all the tanks right on the front page. I'll post a screen shot of the in game screen later on. His mod gives you damage dealt, damage received, who shot you and with what, really a lot of info.

And while we're on changes, the new redshire map plays 1000% different! And the above screen shot was my first game in highway since the update. I was on the south side spawn area. Couldn't help but notice that WOT overflew the south side with a crap load of agent orange! All the bushes I used to hide behind with my TDs are gone!

So, anyone have any other insight into the latest changes or any hints or tips for the new or updated maps?
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Re: Latest changes in 8.11

Postby Talus » Sat Feb 15, 2014 7:18 pm

my only insight is

i cant play for beans anymore! got a 4kill streak on ruinberg, got popped by a team mate!

oh wait... thats team mates who cant play for beans! :P
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Re: Latest changes in 8.11

Postby Spack » Sun Feb 16, 2014 9:59 am

Redshire is like a new map. The sniper hill on the south east corner is gone, it's now a shallow valley making it much more likely for a flanking attack to come through. And the north hill being split up into hillocks changes the sniping from there too. With the bases moved to finish the changes it's very different.

Watch out on Highway too. Less trees and bushes around the north base so it's harder to snipe and defend, and the ground level at the south side has been lowered making the raised road better cover for tanks approaching the city from the south base.
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