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Lucky Shots

Lucky Shots

Postby Spack » Sun Jan 05, 2014 6:46 pm

Had some great games today, and a bunch of lucky shots. I've posted a couple on Youtube.

The Maus was also the first time I've killed one, in the past every time I've faced one another player on my team has taken it out, or I've bounced every shot. In this case I'd bounced a few AP shots so had switch to HE (first time I've had to use HE on the Ferdinand too!), hit it a couple of times taking a little HP off, then managed to clip it with an incredibly lucky shot.

The second shot in the video is with the Pz.Sfl.V (the grind to the 128mm is slow and painful, so it still has the stock gun for now), I'd already plugged an ARL about a second after it went out of view, then the AMX M4 45 poked it's turret up at the right so I turned and clipped it.

The RNG gods looked down on me today and smiled. For about half the games today ... then it was back to normal!
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