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Stats page now allows battle type selection

Stats page now allows battle type selection

Postby Spack » Sat Aug 09, 2014 12:38 pm

A quick change to the Stats page at wot/stats.php now allows the battle type to be selected. The default is "All", which is the overall stats as displayed on the WoT profile page and most other stats sites. "Clan" and "Company" show only the values related to those game types. "Random", as it does not occur in the API data, is the "All" data with the "Clan" and "Company" values subtracted. There is no Strongholds data as yet in the API so I have no idea what effect it has, and while the player data contains "Historical" stats the vehicle data does not so there is no way to calculate ratings using it correctly.

When viewing any subset of data, ie anything except "All", the achievements will be missing as the API does not provide per-battle type data so the medals cannot be determined for a specific game type. Also any vehicles with zero battles in that game type will be hidden to keep the vehicle tables uncluttered.

As I don't personally play clan or company battles I could not test the page with my own data, so I've been using other AoS member data which reveals some interesting facts.

K!nG, who is KInG_____ on WoT, has quite different WN8 ratings for each game type.

Battles: 21436
WN8: 1751 (Very Good)
WinRate: 58% (Great)

Battles: 20634
WN8: 1816 (Very Good)
WinRate: 56% (Great)

Battles: 3147
WN8: 1356 (Adequate)
WinRate: 69% (Super Unicum)

Battles: 355
WN8: 1183 (Intermediate)
WinRate: 66% (Unicum)

So in random games Nige is a Very Good player, but when it comes to Company and Clan battles he's a few levels lower, but the team's win rates are great so the rest of the team carries him :P
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