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Imperial Knights

PostPosted: Sun Jan 18, 2015 6:57 pm
by thesignaller
Just wanted to check we did something right (or wrong)

Had a game today and in 3 turns a combination of a Vindicare Assassin and an Eldar Farseer took out an Imperial Knight.

Turns 1 & 2 Assassin managed 1 glancing hit & 1 penetrating hit but no extra damage coz of it bring a super heavy walker!!!

Turn 3 Farseer had got close enough to unleash a Psychic Scream (we used Ld 10 for knight - were we right?) which took 2 hits off.
Then Assassin fired and finally got a penetrating hit and rolled 6 on damage table with +1 for AP2 (I got a 6 to penetrate) caused D3 (3!!) hits.

Here's the other question, on the catastrophic damage it veered in to a Dark Eldar Flyer (one of its allies). We gave the flyer the damage form the Knight blowing up which was 2 hits. Was this right, or as a flyer does it not get hit.
Same turn a squad of Imperial fist opened up with bolters and took off its other HP causing that to crash and burn also, a good turn for the Grey Knight/Space Marine/Eldar/Assassin Army (it was a 4000 point a side, 2 player a side game) against a Tau/Space Marine/Dark Eldar/Imperial Knight Army, played on a 12' wide table so desperate allies could stay away from each other!


Re: Imperial Knights

PostPosted: Sun Jan 18, 2015 8:43 pm
by Socaddict
Do you mean Psychic Shriek from the telepathy discipline?

If so, it does nothing to vehicles as it inflicts wounds, not (glancing or penetrating) hits.

Otherwise, turn 1 and 2 are fine, as is the assassin inflicting an explodes and therefore taking off D3 hull points in addition to the one for a penetrating hit.

If the DE flyer was zooming, it cannot be hit by the blast (P84) and the explosion from catastrophic damage is treated exactly like an apocalyptic mega blast (P158) which hits things like a normal blast.

Re: Imperial Knights

PostPosted: Sun Jan 18, 2015 9:29 pm
by thesignaller
It is the shriek.
Thanks, we weren't 100% on a walker being a vehicle or not.

Also, we thought as it stumbles whether it is like it "bangs" in to it before exploding.

Re: Imperial Knights

PostPosted: Sun Jan 18, 2015 10:12 pm
by Socaddict
Nah, the flyer should be much too high to be hit by a walker stumbling around. Maybe if it was a Warlord or larger...