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Conflict Central - Mid War Mini Tournament

6.45pm Monday - Downley community centre, School close, Downley HP13 5TR

Moderators: Jimster, BigJim

Conflict Central - Mid War Mini Tournament

Postby DaBoss » Sun Dec 01, 2013 7:05 am

After having great success with my MidWar Soviet Tankovy Batalon with its Matilda II CS platoons, decided to take them along to ConflictCentral MidWar.
Sadly due to later organisation there was one 4 players per side - 4 Soviet Tankovy and 4 German players.

So trying to stay Blue on Red for the first day.
My first game I drew Mike Klaka who I've played numerous times but he took an army I dreaded - Panther Company
HQ 2 Panthers
2 x Combat - 3 Panthers
In Cauldron rolling off I was the attacker, unfortunately for me I only had the 3 KV-85 that could harm him and as I never faced anything but front armour my At12 vs his armour 10 was just not going to work.
Lost 1-20

Second game was against Hammy with a Grenadier Company in No Retreat, being Infantry gave me the attacker so I concentrated down one side against the closest objective against a platoon of Grenadiers backed up by a platoon of Assault troops with his 3 Stugs in ambush.
Predictably the Stugs took down 2 Matilda's whilst 1 died in a close assault otherwise, the mass of heavy armour and the great CS guns blew the Germans off the objective easily.
Win 20-1

Third game of the day saw me face Bren Cummins (12yr old picking up the hobby from his dad Paul), facing another Grenadier Company this time with 2 Tigers and 2 Marder I in tow, we played Counter Attack again with me as the attacker.
Unfortunately for Bren his Tigers failed to penetrate my KV-85s armour, AT13 vs Armour 9 while I was AT12 vs Armour 9 - it was always come down to who killed who's big tanks first (Bren should of kept his distance as he could shoot 40" whereas I've only got a range of 32". Marchers arrived from reserve and killed 2 Matilda's and then failed to Stormtrooper into cover, and then dies to the Matilda return fire.
That just left me to stroll up to the infantry in a wood holding the objective, eyes and ears from the Recce BA-10s giving me better chance to hit and me rolling 30+ dice each turn predictably led to their death and me taking the objective
Win 20-1

Leaves me with 1 final German player to play, then we are going to have to play a Blue on Blue game.

More later - PhilP
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Re: Conflict Central - Mid War Mini Tournament

Postby killmaimburn » Sun Dec 01, 2013 10:05 am

DaBoss wrote:saw me face Bren Cummins -12yr old picking up the hobby- Bren should of kept his distance

I lolled, Nice batrep.
Barely even lurking..
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Re: Conflict Central - Mid War Mini Tournament

Postby DaBoss » Mon Dec 02, 2013 7:46 am

Reading back that sentence in isolation - really sounds bad!!! Should I be on some sort of register?!

Anyway - the rest of the Tournament:
Next day on Sunday, 4th Game had me facing a Grenadier Company in Hasty Assault, his force included PaK40s, Marder III, Captured KV-1 and an Assault Platoon with Warrior that gave them Morale on 3+ and Assault on 2+, along with other stuff to 9 Platoons!!
Again I was the Attacker and decided to attack down one side with both the 10 strong Matildas and the KV-85s moving through a Wood, predictably I bog 2 tanks straight away but start firing on the Assault Platoon on the other side of the wood and killed a Team with lucky '6' with Machine Gun.
He sends his 2iC round the flank but I manage to defensive fire and kill him.
My turn I need to move forward more to get his Assault Platoon fully within 6" and succeed in bogging another 2 Matildas, the German player decides to take advantage of this and tries to assault with PanzerKnacker from Infantry platoon but fails Tank Terror, so in goes the Assault Platoon which succeeds losing 1 team to defensive fire, he kills a Matilda with the PanzerKnacker from CiC, I then roll double '1' to counter attack and have to pull back, now under half strength I roll for Morale and get double '2'!!!

CiC and Matildas gone and leaving 6 destroyed tanks.
Its all upto the KV-85s who push into the woods and bog 1, I kill off the Assault Platoon but the German CiC and the remains of the Infantry Platoon assault and kills a KV-85, I then fail my Motivation to counter assault - falling back I bog the KV-85 pulling out the wood, so destroyed by CiC putting me under half strength with no CiC
Lost 14-7 not as bad as it could of been as I managed to kill 3 Platoons.

5th Game - as we had all played each of the other side, we had to now play the top two Russians against each other.
Graham Willmotts Tankovy had 2 T-34 platoons (8 & 7 with 3 57mm guns in each so AT11), 5 BA-64 Recce and a Rota Rezvedki Platoon in M3 Half Tracks playing Dust Up.
So knowing neither side wanted to get too close to each other, my Matildas fodder for his T-34, while he could not face off against my KV-85s; we resorted to hunting down each others reserves. He got my BA-10s as they tried to double away (did make him expose himself to return fire from the KVs), while I killed his BA-64 after chasing them round a wood for 3 turns. Next my small Matilda platoon tried to hide in a Wood but finally succumbed to the mass of T-34 fire.
Grahams Rezvedki tried to swim for it across a stream to the safety of the ruining town but got cut down by massed MG fire, but still 3 teams passed their Morale and him in the Church.
Meanwhile the KVs went hunting down the T-34 platoons as with the casualties he had been taking (I had been knocking off a Tank every turn), he ran back towards his quarter but could not escape me - the larger T-34 platoon ran away with the CiC.
Now all I had to do was kill 1 more platoon to break him; I then made a silly mistake of moving within 4" of the objective trying to get 'line of sight' on his other T-34 platoon, i missed and Graham moved out of the way (not trying to even contest the objective) giving me the win in my next turn saving himself a Victory Point for me not breaking him...whoops I should have seen that coming.
Win 13-8

End of Weekend putting me on 3 wins and 61 victory points, giving me 2nd place in the Eastern Front behind Mike Klaka's Panther Company on 97n (he only lost a single platoon all weekend!)

The best thing of the whole weekend is that I actually won the 'Best Sportsman' award - seems weveryone enjoyed their games against me (normally you expect the award to go to the guy who got thumped in every game).
I'm very proud of that - I'm finally learning to be a friendly player!

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Re: Conflict Central - Mid War Mini Tournament

Postby timewizard » Mon Dec 02, 2013 3:14 pm

Very nice Phil, and grats on the finish.
"I have found again and again that in encounter actions, the day goes to the side that is the first to plaster its opponent with fire." - Erwin Rommel
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