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The Glorious Return!

6.45pm Monday - Downley community centre, School close, Downley HP13 5TR

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The Glorious Return!

Postby TheOneAndOnlyMightyQ » Tue Sep 24, 2013 2:21 pm

Happy to say, High Wycombe has returned with the scalp of the Uxbridge club!

4-1 win ratio ( I had to lose for the others to have a chance of winning, a noble sacrifice!), we had a good time and they have a good setup.

Outcomes of this is they have pencilled in the 11th of November for a return visit, 40k this time so does anyone interested in organising that please let me know.
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Re: The Glorious Return!

Postby DaBoss » Tue Sep 24, 2013 7:01 pm

I'm glad to say that my Inter-Club losing streak has finally been broken; with the use of my very broken Tzeentch/Khorne list :twisted: :D

Played a very nicely painted Slaanesh Daemon army:
Keeper of Secrets, Lvl2, 1 x Greater & 2 x Lesser gifts
Exalted Herald, Lvl1 with block of 29 Daemonettes
Exalted Herald on Steed with 9 Steeds of Slaanesh
20 strong Daemonette unit
3 Fiends
2 x 5 Furies
1 x Chariot of Slaanesh
1 x Soul Grinder of Slaanesh

Turn 1&2 - killed Soul Grinder with 2 hits from Skullcannons, Bolt of Tzeentch through the Chariot and Infernal Gateway to death Steeds from Lord of Change

Turn 3&4 - Keeper of Secrets and Fiends each kill a unit of Horrors, meanwhile both Skullcannons misfire and explode, my magic does minimal damage

Turn 5 - Flesh Hounds charge small Daemonettes and Fiends and destroy them, Lord of Change & Karanak charge the large unit of Deamonettes, but Herald cuts down Karanak :cry:
Lord of Change casts Infernal Gateway doing 8 Str10 hits on Keeper of Secrets destroying her.

Turn 6 - Flesh Hounds charge rear of Daemonette block while Lord of Change stomps all over Herald; end result 3 Daemonettes survive into his 6th turn at which point he concedes
2575pts vs 825pts Win to me.
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Re: The Glorious Return!

Postby timewizard » Tue Sep 24, 2013 7:09 pm

Grats on the win!
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Re: The Glorious Return!

Postby KInG » Wed Sep 25, 2013 1:39 pm

Well done guys.
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Re: The Glorious Return!

Postby Ogregut » Wed Sep 25, 2013 11:46 pm

Had one last outting for my dark elves with the current book. Took a khaine themed army
Crone hellbrone, 2 cauldrons (1 bsb), 40 witch elves, 40 executioners, 10 crossbowmen, 24 spears, 7 shades, 5 harpies and 2 units of dark riders.

Played against john and his warriors or chaos list

Kolek suneater, 3 dragon ogres, bsb on war shrine, festus, 15 chosen of nurgle, 20 warriors of khorne, 3 bloodcrushers, chariot.

First turn my dark riders fled from charges and got run down by me rolling very low and john very high, 5 shades got zapped by koleks lightning and the war shrine turned his bsb into a nurgle demon prince! Not a great start for me how I turned it around with my executioners charging the khorne warriors and killing 17 and only losing 7 in return, 10 naked crossbowmen charging the flank of the bloodcrushers and making them flee! And to top it off he witch elves charge he demon prince and crone hellbrone kills it in one turn!

Further highlights and things that shouldn't have happened; the skullcrushers failing to rally twice, rolling double 6 twice, hellbrone charging kolek, took 6 wounds off him and only 2 in return. Bear in mind he has 8 attacks at str 8 doing d3 wounds!

By the end john only had festus and the chosen left. An enjoyable and funny game and a good send off to the old army book.
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