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Battle Reports

Battle Report: Chaos Fleet vs Imperial Fleet (850)

by Baragash on Thu Apr 07, 2011 10:07 pm

So last night Red Devil and I played BFG, his first game, my third, but I haven't played for 12 years!

I played Chaos:
Styx Class Heavy Cruiser - Ld9
Hades Class Heavy Cruiser - Ld6
Carnage (1) Class Cruiser - Ld 7
Carnage (2) Class Cruiser - Ld8

Phil played Imperial:
Mars Class Battlecruiser - Ld8
Dictator Class Cruiser - Ld7
Lunar (1) Class Cruiser - Ld6
Lunar (2) Class Cruiser - Ld8

We played the basic Cruiser Clash (ignoring the upper points limit per model). We got lots of rules wrong, having both only skim-read them, but we had fun. This is just a brief overview of what happened as I didn't take detailed notes because it takes time to play a game you barely know ;)

Apologies for the picture quality as we were pushed for time.



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