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Author:  Baragash [ Sun Apr 10, 2011 10:41 am ]
Blog Subject:  Board Games - Mantic Dwarf King's Hold

So assembling Dwarf King's Hold is part of my Q2 Hobby Challenge

Just finished the 10 Revenants (Armoured Skeletons) for the game as well. There's also a Pit of Souls (used in the game) and a Pile of Bones (you get counters for these, but if you had enough Mantic skellies, as I do with a 1k army, you could use "actual" piles), and a Skeleton Rat (used in Kings of War).


6 of the models on the sprue are sculpted Revenants, the other 4 are Skeleton Torsos with blinged up heads and armour pieces to be stuck on (which works fine IMO).

They were nice models to put together:
- mould lines have been run along the edges of fabric etc, so that basically means there aren't that many to clean up
- unlike GW skellies that attach on the spine, Mantic skellies lock over each other (about half of them also have a peg), so there is a much better contact surface

- as they've been so efficient with the sprue space, getting clippers in is occasionally a challenge
- "bone" coloured sprue is an arse to spot mould lines on
- arm joins aren't as good as GW, they press into a shallow dip rather than being ball and socket

Overall though, they are less hassle to assemble than GW ones, and the amount of detail across the models is slightly better than Mantic's Dwarf models


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