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Dwarf King's Hold - played some games

Permanent Linkby Baragash on Tue Apr 26, 2011 10:53 pm

Played some games today with my little (well 25) bro - he's ex-GW, Space Crusade etc, so not like I'm playing a noob ;)

Rules greyness

Pile 'o Bones - we thought the language is unclear here. Initially it seems reassembling = 1 action, but then it goes on to say that it counts as a model that has had an action played on it.
a) this is redundant repetition, only Dwarf Follow-Ons can be played on a model that has already acted
b) this limits the model to 1 action (of reassembling) regardless of how many points the token was worth

I opted for a), see Scenario 1.

Break-offs & Free Strikes - would have liked some clarity on whether a model can Free Strike against a model leaving from it's Rear Arc.

I opted for "yes" by RAW.

Scenario 1

3 Dwarf Warriors vs 4 Skeletons and 2 Pile o'Bones.

Played twice, bro as Dwarfs both times. We found this one to favour the Dwarfs, especially with Follow-On actions. Note however, in both plays I used 3/4 Tokens to bring the Skeletons out of the objective room and into the fight in Turn 1, maybe using the Piles would allow rear attacks, and therefore it might have been bad tactics.

I reckon 20 mins and 3 turns for our first game and 15 mins and 3 turns for our second game.

I allowed the additional actions on Piles because the Undead seemed to really struggle here as it was, wasting counters just to stand up seemed too unbalanced in the Dwarfs favour.

Scenario 2

Played four times. Both had two goes as each side. Undead won every time.

This seems really hard for the Dwarfs. Initially my bro played with all 4 Dwarfs and got owned pretty swiftly. On the second go he tried to hook the two up with the Dwarf in the 6x4 room (top left on the map), got some low dice on the initial break and was again quickly munched. I tried that tactic in both games. In the first game I used a Follow-On to team the first Dwarf up with the corner Dwarf but got munched after I failed to bring enough Skeletons down in my first turn. My second attempt fared a little better as I just about hooked the posse up, but lost a few combats and crucial times, and the loss of a dice for being injured is crucial. My second time I was very careful about keeping my back to the wall, and it took a lot of Tokens to kill my 3. I then got some poor rolls for the last Dwarf once he was surrounded trying to hold out.

In this scenario, my decision on the Piles really hurts the Dwarfs, in three of the four games the Necromancer went for a first turn Baleful Gaze pool restock so the Dwarfs are hit by a lot of actions early on. If they can survive that they have a chance, but neither of us managed it.

Took 20 mins max per game.

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