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Author:  Baragash [ Fri May 25, 2012 12:10 pm ]
Blog Subject:  Malifaux - First Game

So I played my first game of Malifaux on Wednesday, against Red Devil.

He played this Guild list:

Guild Crew - 25 - Scrap

Lady Justice -- 7 Pool
Scales of Justice [2ss]

  • Death Marshal [4ss]
  • Death Marshal [4ss]
  • Executioner [7ss]
  • Judge [7ss]

Strategy: Slaughter (Kill more of my stuff)
Scheme: ?

I played this Arcanist list:

Arcanists Crew - 25 - Scrap

Rasputina -- 8 Pool

  • Ice Gamin [4ss]
  • Ice Gamin [4ss]
  • Ice Golem [9ss]
  • Silent One [6ss]

Strategy: Claim Jump (objective in opponent's deployment zone)
Scheme: Frame for Murder (nominate one of my crew and hope they die)

We flipped diagonal deployment and I deployed first. The board had a "town crossroads" in the middle of the board with various trees, low hills and walls filling up the table. I deployed behind the building in my corner, with the two Gamin forward so I could use Rasputina and the Silent One's Ice Mirror ability to cast powers through them.

Red Devil put a Death Marshal on top of the building in his corner, Lady J and the Scales behind the building, the Death Marshal and the Executioner on one flank and the Judge on the flank my objective was on.

He won the first two turns of initiative flips and moved cautiously forward, whilst I snuck round the other side of the building trying to avoid being shot. The Judge ventured forward to shoot first and wounded a Gamin severely. Sadly for the Judge, I struck back with shooting from the Gamin and Rasputina and he went down.

Red Devil retaliated by killing the other Gamin (yay, Frame for Murder) and wounding the Silent One with his Death Marshal and Lady Justice. They also lost the shooting duel as the Death Marshal was shot, and Lady J took a few wounds.

Lady J struck back taking half the health off the Silent One, despite Rasputina summoning Pillars of Ice to try and reduce LoS. However, I was then able to pull off a Silent One/Rasputina spell combo that turned Lady J into a ice meaning she could only shoot and use spells, but I'd barely be able to damage her.

By this time Phil had got the rest of his force around my objective and I lost the other Gamin and the Ice Golem to return fire, but managed to reduce both the Executioner and the remaining Death Marshall to a handful of wounds.

At this point we had to call time as the club was shutting. We called it a draw. I'd won the initiative flip for turn 6, but the Silent One was on a few wounds so the chances are by the end of the turn it would be Rasputina vs the Exectutioner and Scales, with Rasputina having to close the distance to try and get the objective.

All in all it was fun despite the slow going of continually rule referencing, and we both really enjoyed the card instead of dice mechanism.

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Author:  Red Devil [ Mon May 28, 2012 9:30 pm ]

My scheme was grudge - kill a nominated opponent model. I picked a gamin. Unfortunately for me it was not the same one as 'frame for murder'.

Author:  Baragash [ Mon May 28, 2012 11:24 pm ]

For some reason when I was reading through them trying to find the one you had I missed that one >.>

Author:  DaBoss [ Sun Jun 03, 2012 8:11 am ]

Sounds like a fun game, lots of action and very balanced.
Play will get faster as you understand your faction better and what each ability does.
I love the way the game plays without dice, though wish my cheat hand would have more than low numbers in it....

Rasputina is still my favorite recently painting up Snowstorm
Also working on Lilith and Nephilim group.

Look forward to more BatReps.

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