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Author:  Cain Tiberius [ Thu Apr 04, 2013 12:39 am ]
Blog Subject:  BA Blog 4th April 13: Bikes

Howdy folks.

So painting has been slow since I finished the Hawk. I really don't like painting large models :/
But I have now finished a Raven Wing style squad. Yeah I know that's DA, but I think the unit composition fits well in any SM force. As my 2nd Co. is complete, these are from the 8th Co. (assault Co.) which is represented by a double green tear drop on the right shoulder. On models from this Co. I'm deciding to for go the embossed shoulder pads and just free handing the symbols. All the bases are made by me as usual.


The 2 bikes on the left side are from the Dark Vengence set. The 2nd bike to the right side is an eBay rescue. And the other 3 bikes, the attack bike and the speeder are all from my 10 year old force, with the same update techniques I've mentioned before.

Models of note are the attack bike and speeder. I like the attack bike itself, but always hated how the passenger sat and gun position. So 10 years ago I modeled a standing Marine with weapon. I gave the passenger hair now though, lol.


On the speeder I've altered the weapon load out, changed both heads and change the gunners pose a bit. Again I never liked the gun/gunner positioning on the basic model.


Comments and Crits welcome as always.


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