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2nd Game of FoW Total War

Permanent Linkby DaBoss on Sun Aug 19, 2012 8:26 am

Later that day, Ian came round for a game of FoW with the 8' x 6' table setup, we played a Total War game - this time Ian's Polish Armour vs my Fallschirmjager

Polish Force
HQ - 4 Shermans + Challenger AA
Combat - 3 Shermans + Firefly
Combat - 3 Shermans + Firefly
Combat - 3 Shermans + Firefly
Weapon - 3 Stuarts
Weapon - 3 Universals Recce
Support - Rifle Platoon
Support - Rifle Platoon
Support - 4 x M10 Tank Hunters
Support - 8 Gun Battery 25pdrs
Support - 4 Sexton SP Artillery
Support - Typhoon Priority

Fallschirmjager Force
HQ - 2 Command + 2 x Panzershrek Teams
Warrior - Van der Hydte + 4 x Panzerfaust Trap Teams
Combat - Fallschirmjager Platoon (upgraded with Panzerfausts)
Combat - Fallschirmjager Platoon (upgraded with Panzerfausts)
Combat - Fallschirmjager Platoon (upgraded with Panzerfausts)
Weapon - HMG Platoon
Support - Fallschirmjager Pioneer Platoon (upgraded with Panzerfausts)
Support - Mortar Platoon (2 tubes)
Support - Anti Tank Platoon 4 x Pak40
Support - Heavy Mortar Battery (4 tubes)
Support - 2 x Flak36 AA Guns with extra crew
Support - 2 x AA Guns 2cm
Support - 1 x Jadgpanther

Must admit did put Ian at a disadvantage having 3 Fireflies and 4 M10's who's only Tank to hunt was a Jadgpanther, plus I'd taken shed load of Panzerfausts, so ready to meet the wall of steel.
But I did lack mobility - though being paratroopers I was allowed to leave units in reserve to turn up on any table edge....Something that Ian had never faced before.

So Ian wins the roll off and selects the built-up side of the table just like Stu did; objectives nearly deploy in the same positions as previous game (strangely).
I decide to kampfgroup a super sized unit of Fallschirmjager (9 teams) + 2 HMG + 2 Panzershrek and Van der Hydte with the 2iC. leaving 2 understrength Fallschirmjager to outflank. I place this super sized unit to run up the center of the table to take an objective and threaten another one.
Pioneers sit on one objective while the other is held in the Church by the HMG platoon.
Ian sits both his Infantry Platoons on his objectives and spreads out his tanks. I place the Jadgpanther hiding behind the Church buildings as far as possible from the M10 tanks.

Ian gets the first turn and quickly grabs another objective, otherwise careful advancetrying not to show himself, other than a quick advance with the Stuarts.
After some bad shooting (except for the Artillery barrage which succeeded in 1st roll range in dropping a double width template all over my Fallschirmjager hitting 13 teams which I managed to save all but 2) Ian decided to retreat the Stuarts as the Jadgpanther moves to engage them on the left flank.

In my turn I fail to motivate Van der Hydte and his platoon (rolling a '1' when needing 2+....), everything else stayed grounded and waited.

Ian's turn 2, he advances his tanks into range to fire getting as much cover as he can in the tree line and around buildings, his shooting is even worse than the previous turn failing to kill any germans.
With the enemy now showing themselves, the Pak40, Flak36 and Jadgpanther open up killing a number of Shermans, meanwhile a Fallschirmjager platoon outflanked the Sextons on Ian's right and assaulted them killing 2 vehicles and the Staff Team, Ian retreated leaving the Jagers deep in a Wheat field threatening his rear zone.

Turn 3 - At this point Ian was 3 VP's up on me and in a good position to win as long as he could contain my infantry advance. He relocates tanks to help destroy my outflanking Jagers but they stubbornly hold their ground.
NOTE: the Priority Typhoons had failed to kill a single german troop, either failing to range in due to Woods/Buildings or being cut down by AA fire.

My turn - my 2nd Jager platoon outflanks near the same location as the other unit, but are too far away to help in the coming assault which I fail badly and lose the whole platoon. Meanwhile Van der Hydte as captured another objective and is in striking distance of another objective held by a squad of Universals and a Sherman Platoon, i decide to send a single team forward to contest the objective.

Turn 4 - It dawns on us that if I can take two objectives off Ian (either just contesting or better still claiming) I would be in the lead with little chance of Ian grabbing any off me (would have to advance into the gun sights of 4 Pak40 and the 2 Fak36 guns - not a good thing to do).

Ian tries his best to hit my Jagers but fails badly, even the artillery failing to range in. He does kill the lone Jager contesting his objective.

I decide it is time for the Trap Teams to appear as in Ian's attempt to kill my Jagers has moved close enough to the 'No-Mans Land' for me to deploy in 4".
They promptly destory 3 Shermans while the Jagers assault the Polish Infantry on the Objective (the Traps having killed the Shermans that were giving supporting fire). After a bloody street battle - the Jagers win and stay on the Polish Objective (Ian is now only holding 1 Objective to my 4 Objectives).

Turn 5 - Ian throws all the guns he can at destroying my rear zone Fallschirmjagers holed up in the ruins, as well as engaging Van Der Hydte's platoon but both units hold tight passing their Motivation tests. Ian decides not to risk assaulting them with Tanks as I'm bristling with Panzerfausts and not pinned.

My turn puts me 2VPs ahead, at which point Ian admits defeat as I will still gain one more point each turn and he was running out of Tanks to throw into the meat grinder.

End results Fallschrimjager 14VPs to Polish 12VPs

Close but guess I was tooled up for the mission while Ian took everything he owned (plus my Sextons), next time we may see the Polish Infantry attack?

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