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Author:  DaBoss [ Fri Sep 16, 2011 1:30 pm ]
Blog Subject:  Finished MidWar Mixed Tankovy Batalon

Forgot to take my camera to Newbury Colours
So finally got round to taking some photo's of the painted army. People were surprised at how good the Zvezda models looked on table.
Really worked well when just taking the one manufacturer and not mixing with Battlefront which seem to be a good 1mm bigger in all dimensions.

Full Army

T-34 Tanks

KV-1e Tanks


Author:  mattjgilbert [ Wed Sep 21, 2011 9:30 am ]

How much FoW stuff do you have now?

Author:  DaBoss [ Wed Sep 21, 2011 9:56 am ]

I know it's scary, just looking at KR Card Cases, I have:
1 case for my Early War French Infantry and German Tank Company 1500pts
1 case for my Mid War Soviet Mixed Tankovy and German Tank Company 1750pts
1 case for my Late War Soviet which can build 1750pts of Strelkovy or Tankovy Batalon
1 case for my Late War American Tank and Mechanised Infantry Company 1750pts each
1 case for my Late War British Armoured Squadron and Armoured Car Company 1750pts each
finally, 2 cases of Late War Germans - one for the Tanks and the other for Infantry, from which I can build the following armies at 1750pts:
Festung Infantry Company
Fallschirmjager Infantry Company
Grenadier Infantry Company
Panzer Company (Panzer IV)
Panzer Company (Panthers)
Schwere Panzer Company (Tiger I)
Schwere Panzer Company (King Tigers)

Also planning / undercoated / not built
Early War British Infantry Company
MidWar German Czech Panzer Company
MidWar British Churchill Company
MidWar Soviet Heavy Tankovy Batalon (All KV-1e)
LateWar British Infantry Company

Then I should stop!!!!!!
All these new plastic miniatures from places like Zvezda and Plastic Soldier make it to interesting.
I love FoW
LateWar American Infantry Company

Author:  mattjgilbert [ Fri Sep 23, 2011 3:08 pm ]

You might need a new house to keep it all in unless you stop buying :)

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