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Flames of War - Total War

Permanent Linkby DaBoss on Sun Aug 12, 2012 8:26 am

Having a long summer break between Contracts - so have time to play big games.

Had 2 games of FoW and persuaded Stu & Ian to take me on at "Total War" mission, this is played with larger than normal forces, we went for 3000pts from one Company.
There are 6 objectives on the table which give you 1vp each turn held, 2 in each players deployment and 2 6" from center line. We played over a 6' x 7' table.

Ruined Town including New Railway Station

Russian Village - latest purchase is the Church

First game was my British Armoured Tanks from Hells Highway vs Stu's German Panzerkompanie.

British - CV
HQ - 4 Shermans
Combat - 3 Shermans + 1 Firefly
Combat - 3 Shermans + 1 Firefly
Combat - 3 Shermans + 1 Firefly
Combat - 3 Shermans + 1 Firefly
Support - Guards Rifle Platoon
Support - Guards Rifle Platoon
Support - Recce Universals
Support - Armoured Car Platoon
Support - Field Battery SP Sextons (4)
Air Support - Typhoons Priority
Air Support - AOP

Germans - CV
HQ - 2 Panthers
Combat - 4 Panthers
Combat - 5 Panzer IV
Combat - 4 Stug G
Weapon - Panzer AA Guns (3)
Support - 2 Tiger 1e
Support - Panzergrenadier platoon
Support - Gepanzerte Panzergrenadier platoon
Air Support - Stuka Limited

Stu took the side of the table with ruined vTown and got first turn capturing an extra objective, I fired some Fireflies at long range needing 6's killing a Panther while the lone 2iC Panther in a Vineyard was bombed by a flight of Typhoon.

But what I did not realise was with 3rd edition, hits back at my platoons would hit those not 'Gone to Ground' first, so first would always go to my Firefly as it was the only tank to shoot (as the normal Shermans could not hurt the Panthers, so no point shooting them!!).
In hindsight, i should fire them anyway as in WW2 they would have fired as well.

So both my Fireflies got destroyed which knocked me off an objective.

By turn 3, Stu was 9vp to my 7vp (managed to roll a tank back onto the objective), but Stu's far left flank objective by the Monestry held by a Gepanzerte Panzergrenadier platoon was being threatened by mass Shermans and Infantry Platoon. Meanwhile his push on my left flank had bogged on buildings and trees.

Turn 4 - the British over-ran the objective in the Monestry bringing my next turn total vp gains to +4 and reducing Stu's to +2 which would give us a 11vp vs 11vp total, but the Germans were in no position to contest let alone take back an objective (would require moving into the open and successful Stormtrooper to just contest).
The British still had 17 Shermans (including 2 Fireflies) ready to gun the German tanks at short range.

So Stu - conceeded the game and retreated his forces.

I really enjoyed getting back into FoW having had an absence of 3-4 months of playing.
Looking at the setup, the built-up area was very tempting, but lacked lines of fire but was good for defending.

Problem being - Total War requires you to not only Defend but Attack.

Next Blog - will recount 2nd Total War game of German Fallschirmjager vs Polish Armoured Tanks 3000pts
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