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Malifaux Game - Viktorias vs Pandora

Permanent Linkby DaBoss on Fri Jan 06, 2012 10:46 am

With the New Year passed, got my first game in 2012 at Malifaux.
A group of 4 players, the other guys being their first time out with their painted crews
We decided to have two games of Shared Turf War - get as many of your Crew into the opponents deployment zone.

Neil took his Rasputina Crew up against Mark's Lady Justice Crew, while my Pandora Crew faced off against Bill's Viktoria Crew.

Sorry no photos, as expected with learning the rules game took longer to play than expected (2.5 hours), should be quicker next time as we learn how our crews work and get use to not using dice!!!!

Short summary of major events:

Teddy charges with a 'Flurry' against sworded armed Viktoria and land two lots of weak claw hits then finishing off with a Teeth attack (just to see what it is like) getting a Severe hit for 10 damage - Viktoria is now missing a sizeable chunk of her body...

Unfortunately the other Outcasts then jumped on poor Teddy and between 5 attacks from Johan & Bishop is taken down, poor Baby Kade what is he going to do now...

As it was he jumped over a fence and sliced up Taylor before going 'Harmless' each attack, poor Taylor was very confused failing her Will Power test to attack, taking additional damage from a nearby Sorrow.
Finally she realises who has been stabbing her, whacks Cade but poor Bill only pulls a '1 card' for the damage doing 3 wounds.

Suddenly, I finally get Pandora into action casting Pacify four times taking down Taylor and bouncing Pandora and attacked Sorrow 16" towards my opponents deployment zone.

Unfortunately game ends on turn 6, with the Neverborns with Pandora, Baby Cade and 2 Sorrows in the other table side, while the Outcasts have Viktoria, Johan and Bishop in my table half.
Unfortunately the Sorrows don't count - so victory goes to Viktoria and her crew 3vp vs 2vp

Meanwhile on the other game, Lady Justice shows how brutal she can be as Rasputina gets ambushed by the Guild members. Before she goes down she does manage to Overpower Biting Chill against the Executioner 4 times (we did forget that it can't reduce opponent down to less than 1 wound, as it was the Executioner so to die allowed him to take down Pandora)
Poor Neil limped home with just an Ice Gamin, while Mark romped home with 4 members of his crew.

Absolute brilliant game can't wait to play again - this time I'll try and take some pictures.

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