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Author:  Cain Tiberius [ Tue Aug 07, 2012 8:32 pm ]
Blog Subject:  Something different 7th August

Updated pics in the comments ~ 10th August

Made some progress with my Devestator Squad, but nothing really worth posting.

However while in town, I found this little star in a charity shop.

The box was rather tatty round the edges, but the model is completely untouched inside. Everything still on sprews and in unopened polythene bags. Instruction and decals included. And all the princely sum of £1.50!

I've been thinking of doing a small(ish) guard detatchment as Allies using Mantic Warpath Corperation figures. Now this 1/35 scale challenger II is about the same length as the Baneblade, but a fraction narrower and shorter. But I'm thinking it could pass for a medium heavy range. I still have a good range of bits left from my Fellblade model as well as other spares.

I've already made a start, this pic is 120 pieces into the build.

Any thoughts?



Author:  Cain Tiberius [ Fri Aug 10, 2012 12:17 pm ]

A little bit of progress on the tank.


As you can see I've used plenty of bits from the Baneblade that I had spare. I'm actually going to sing GW's priases...but only a little. I am surprised how badly some of the pieces of the airfix kit fit together.. The whole running gear was easy, all fit really well. But the turret (not the cannon) was a pain in the @$$.

The top of the main body hasn't been fastened down yet, as I want to add a twin linked Heavy Bolter on the hull.

Comments Crits welcome.


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