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Author:  Baragash [ Mon Apr 18, 2011 9:15 am ]
Blog Subject:  Salute 2011

So I went to Salute 2011 on Saturday 16th April.

Picked myself up:

3 of these...
Image use in the mega campaign I'm planning later in the year.

This dude...
...for my Astral Claws/Tyrant's Legion

This dude...
...for nostalgia (for now?) ;)


And these:

Plus two books:

What'd I see?

Forge World - yeah, the Phantom Titan looks pretty damn fine in person :)

Studio McVey - they produce some excellently detailed models (I already owned one anyway, but it was good to see more of the range "in the flesh"). Mike was at the stand getting random handshakes from passers-by who read WD when they were first getting into the hobby.

Heresy Miniatures - I've browsed their site a few times looking at possible Daemon Prince and Herald models and always been a bit :| but seeing some of them in the flesh impressed me. Their prices unfortunately make GW look cheap 8O

Mantic - unfortunately Ronnie had just been sucked into a demo game of Dwarf King's Hold when I rolled up, so I didn't get to chat to him :(

River Horse - Alessio Calvatore taught me to play his new game Shuuro, which was fun. After dominating the early game I lost though :(

Battlefleet Gothic

Whilst I was at the FW stand, the guy next to me was talking to the staff about the BFG scenarios in the Badab War books. The FW staffer said that there is a desire at FW to do some more stuff with BFG, but that at the moment they are working at capacity.

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