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UK Gamesday 2010

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Re: UK Gamesday 2010

Postby KInG » Thu Sep 23, 2010 2:28 pm

not going.. apart from the 'coming release' section and the 'FW section', that always manages to get me to part with lots of cash... I don't really get much more from it.

The releases are always online within hours, usually before you can even see them yourself on the day.

And the Golden Daemon section just leaves me feeling inadequate for this hobby!!!

My advice, stay home and spend your money on new models... (not that I own a model shop or anything ;) ).
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Re: UK Gamesday 2010

Postby Baragash » Thu Sep 23, 2010 3:32 pm

mattjgilbert wrote:Well good luck with that :) Are you doing sponsorship?

It's far more healthy than our planned early rise, lardy breskfast on the way, fast food while there and fat fuelled meal on the way home!

Will take the camera and grab pics of what I can. EDIT... of interesting sights at GD, not of our food.

Well the entry fee I paid is a donation (it's for Cancer Research which is my sister's charity in memory of my grandmother, I ran one for RNLI a week and a half a go which is my charity for the same reason), I've been in bed with this flu bug for the last two days so I haven't got round to setting up a donation page.

This one is in the shadow of Blenheim Palace, so it should be nice once I've stopped dying after the race. :)
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